How To Put Vinyl Tile Over Old Linolium Flooring

No matter how meticulous you are linoleum flooring are not invincible to the test of time. There is however a way on how you can make your floor look new minus the tedious work. Putting vinyl tile over linoleum is one great way to update your floor to achieve that new fresh look. Aside from that covering your old linoleum with vinyl won’t post any problems since they’re manufactured from the very same materials. Best part is, there are a lot of vinyl designs you can choose from. It is entirely up to you to decide what style and design will best complement your lovely home. Below, we show you steps on how you can renew the life of your old floor.

  • Prepare your materials. To get you started you will need ivory liquid soap, water, broom, mop, towel, sponge, ammonia, vinegar, leveling compound, rubber gloves, trowel, vinyl tile, utility knife and tile roller. Most of these materials can be purchased at any home improvement store.
  • Tidy up your linoleum. Before installing vinyl tiles on your floor, it is crucial to have a clean surface. Using your broom sweep off dirt and dust that accumulated on the floor. To make it even more polished take out your ivory liquid soap and mix with warm water. Mop the floor using this solution. Finish it off by patting your linoleum with a clean towel. As for tough stains and grime use a sponge in cleaning the area. It is also wise to remove any wax buildup on the floor as this may get in the way once vinyl adhesive gets in contact with the floor. To remove wax, scrub the floor with ammonia. And since it is inevitable for ammonia to not leave any traces, wash floor with vinegar mixed with water.
  • Even out your floor. Since it is almost predestined for linoleum to develop cracks over the years, it is very likely for your floor to display a look of irregularity. To balance out the surface, purchase a leveling compound and apply it to your floor using your trowel. Be cautious though and make sure that you’ve read the directions on how to use the compound. It may also be necessary for you to wear rubber gloves, since most compounds can irritate your skin. The last thing you would want to happen is to burn your skin and develop an unsightly rash. As soon as the compound dries up you will notice a more even and smooth floor.
  • Put in your vinyl tiles. Once the floor is clear and smooth, locate the center point. This is where you should start putting in the vinyl tile. The rationale behind this is to even out the number of tiles on both sides. As soon as you’ve figured out the starting point carefully detach the backing paper from your vinyl tile and depress it securely in place. Continue doing this until you reach your walls. If the last tile approaching your wall won’t fit, use your utility knife to trim the vinyl. Use a tile roller to press the tile even more firmly to the floor.

There you have it! Now all you need to do is invite friends and family and show them your new and bright looking floor.


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