How To Qualify for a Color Guard Scholarship

Color guards carry national flags and other flags appropriate for the occasion. Usually, they are positioned at the center while two guards carry a rifle at both sides. There are color guard scholarships that are awarded to qualified individuals given by some organizations like the Winter Guard International, which is the governing core group for all events concerning color guards. This would be a prestigious privilege if you can pass for the scholarship. How to qualify for it? Read on and find out how.

  • Attend camps for color guards. If you are still new to the color guard community, attend camps that would enhance your knowledge about the task. This will help you pave your way to attend the nationals. Search for the nearest and the best color guard camps in your area for any information. This would probably be the best way to secure a scholarship – polishing your color guard techniques.
  • Compete in the Winter Guard International championships. Once you get your formal training in color guard camp, you can compete in the Winter Guard International championships. They usually nominate one member in each group for a scholarship. You can learn more about this competition at the WGI web source. Be sure you read their instructions for qualifying participants first before getting into the contest. Participants are usually screened and reviewed by the WGI committee so you have to wait for their approval before you can enter it.
  • Search the web for scholarships. There are a lot of available resources in the web where you can apply for a color guard scholarship. is a website that contains various links to scholarships. Don’t hesitate to apply to every available scholarship, never limit yourself to one. It’s better to have choices or fall backs in case you can’t qualify for some.
  • Ask your schools’ band adviser for information. If you’re in the school band, you’ll have a better chance to qualify for a scholarship. Ask your band adviser about ongoing or pre-qualification scholarships for color guards. He usually receives news about these matters.
  • Audition for your school’s field guard or military core group. Participating in your school’s field programs or military programs can give you a better chance in securing yourself a color guard scholarship. Some schools offer grants to students who excel in these fields. You should ask your university or college’s administration about the qualifications and be sure not to miss the audition.
  • Join guard scholarships. Scholarships like the Norman Gaudet Guard and the Putnam Guard scholarships are offered through an association like the New England Scholastic Band Association (NESBA). If you are in New England, high school members of performing groups are usually chosen for scholarships. You can read on additional information about the scholarship at their website at
  • Answer questions completely. Be careful when answering these color guard scholarships. Be sure you are truthful and complete. When making searches of scholarships in the Internet, be sure that the web search engines do not disclose your personal information so make sure the websites you are enlisting with are secured. Never sound like everyone else that is applying so choose recommenders who are already familiar with your leadership and community abilities.


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