How To Race Paper Airplanes

Paper airplane is basically a toy plane that is simply made out of paper. It is also called paper plane, paper glider, or paper dart. The origin of paper airplanes is still a mystery for many people, but historical evidences suggest that the Ancient China started the use of paper gliders. But then again, there are also references on the use of paper gliders by the Japanese. It may be difficult to determine how and where paper airplane originated, but one thing is for sure: paper airplanes remain as a widely accepted form of entertainment as a toy and as an instrument in paper airplane racing.

There are times when paper airplane enthusiasts plan paper airplane racing for fun and entertainment. If you are someone who is interested on playing paper airplane and you want to know how to race paper airplanes, there is nothing to worry about because racing paper airplanes will not take you any trouble at all.

It is important for the players of the paper airplane race to have unique approach on designing their paper airplanes. There are several techniques that can be integrated in the construction of paper airplanes. It is all up to the imagination of the player how he will create his glider that can outlast on the competition. There are also different designs that can be used for a more colorful way of having a paper airplane race. If you want to have a small competition for the best paper airplane design, you can do so, in order to add spice to the competition. More than this, the creativity of every player will be relished.

To begin the competition, someone, most preferably a non-competitor, should signal the throwing of the airplanes. When there is already a signal to start the competitions, the player must altogether throw their paper airplanes in just one direction. To make sure that the competition will be fair, the players must be lined up on a single, straight line. Determining the winner is very easy. The airplane that flew the farthest wins the paper airplane race.

You can try variations for the game to be more exciting. Instead of settling on the traditional way of having the one with the farthest airplane win, have the competitors throw their airplanes at a specific target. The one who gets to the target first will be the winner of the paper airplane race.

Consider the height of the spot where the players will throw their airplanes from the ground. This can determine the difficulty levels of the competition and this will surely bring in more suspense. Play as long as you want with variations and rounds. Record the result of every race in order for you to declare who the best paper airplane racer is after you are through.

Remember to enjoy on planning the paper airplane race and the competition itself. It is ideal to observe camaraderie and sportsmanship among the competitors to make the race more meaningful.


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