How To Rate a Diamond

Diamonds make for great meaningful gifts for people who mean a lot to you. As rare as diamonds come, they are commonly given to make a very special statement of affection. This special stones are usually given as a proposal gift, a part of the wedding ring, an anniversary memento, a memorabilia, or even as an apology gift. Such is the weight of diamonds that some people’s lives and happiness literally depend on it.

Giving such a special gift that makes quite a strong impact on people’s lives entail a great deal of sincerity. That is why when you give diamonds you know you should be giving the best and authentic ones. Fake diamonds are a dime a dozen in the black market but it fetches a high price for the unknowing eye. Do not be fooled, here are some tips on how to rate a diamond.

  • The shape of the perfect gift. Diamonds are known for their iconic shape. But little do people know that there are other shapes and a diamond’s true worth and value can be based on its shape or cut. Observe the diamond intently. Look at its overall shape if it is round or whatnot. Then the finish is another important element. A polished diamond is of great value. And do make it a point to look at the overall symmetry of the diamond. Here is a tip. If the cut of the diamond reflects more light, it makes the stone more desirable. When you are all set to buy a diamond, always keep in mind to look for the almost perfect cut.
  • The shade of the perfect gift. Diamonds are not only judged and critiqued by their cut and finish. The color and the hue are also vital. With a diamond, people love to see it reflect light since it catches the attention of people through its shimmer. A diamond can achieve more reflections and shimmers if it is almost colorless. For that reason diamonds are graded from D to Z. “D” is the highest since it is the colorless spectrum. “Z” leans more toward the light yellow shade. Looking and judging a diamond’s color may seem easy. It takes a professional or a trained eye to see correctly the right color. If you are not a professional, seek the help of trained diamond assessors.
  • The weight of the perfect gift. Diamond is also judged according to its weight. A diamond’s weight is measured in carat weight. This also means the size. But cut and diamond size are two different discussions. The more important note here is that a bigger a diamond is the rarer it is. And rarer means a heftier price tag. Keep a keen eye on diamonds and do not be fooled by optical illusions. There are diamonds that are cut to give it an optical illusion of bigness.

The clarity of diamonds also helps in removing doubts about its worth. Diamonds’ clarity is gauged on the scale of flawless or imperfect. The flawless grade means more sparkle thus a higher price.


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