How To Re-Cover Chair Pads

You can breathe new life to furniture by changing the chair cover or upholstery. With some fabric and a few materials, you can easily do this project yourself and it only takes a bit of time.

You can re-cover your chair pads in a few easy steps. Here’s how.

  • Determine the chairs you want to work on. You can easily replace most kitchen chairs or dining chair covers yourself. However, for bigger jobs such as sofas and loveseats, you may want to take it to the pros since it takes quite a bit of work to get it done for larger pieces of furniture.
  • Unzip the old cover and insert the new one. If you have a chair cushion that you simply placed over your existing seats. It’s very easy to replace the cover. Untie the chair pad from the back of the seat then unzip the old cover. Be careful not to pull the fabric too much or it may rip at the seams. Next, get the new seat cover that you will replace the old one with. Gently stuff the chair pad inside the new seat cover. Make sure to tuck in the corners of the cushion. Carefully zip up the chair cover then place the chair pad back on the seat. If the chair pad comes with ties, go ahead and re-tie the cushion back to the seat to it doesn’t move around when you sit on it.
  • Prepare your materials. If you have a chair pad that is attached to the chair itself, you can still change the cover of the seat. You will need a square of fabric that is enough to cover the seat but have about two to three inches of excess fabric so you can attach it to the seat. You’ll need a screwdriver and a fabric stapler. You’ll need scissors to cut and trim the fabric. If you want to increase the padding of the seat, get some extra padding. You’ll need a measuring tape to measure the fabric.
  • Remove the seat. Get the chair and try to push the seat of from under the chair. If it is attached with screws, go ahead and unscrew it. Once you have the seat, you can now start measuring the fabric and padding you will need. Place the fabric over the seat pad so you can measure how much you will need. Cut out the fabric as needed.
  • Remove the cloth. Take out the old seat cover. You can usually pull this off or pry the old staples so you can get the cloth.
  • Replace the seat. Place the new padding and cover on the seat. You may want to use some rugby or glue gun to secure the cloth. Pull on the opposite ends so you have a snug fit. Staple the fabric onto the wooded part of the seat. Go around the seat until you are done.

Once you change the cover of the chair pads, you’ll feel like you bought a whole new set of seats.


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