How To Re-open a Closed Checking Account

There may be different reasons why your bank has closed your checking account. However, this does not mean that all has ended for this account. You can still make the necessary steps in order for you to reopen this closed checking account. Read on and find out how you can do this for yourself:

  • Find the reason for the closure of your checking account. Get into reading your mails that have been sent by your bank or any collection agency. Check out the reason for closing your checking account. If there is an amount owed, make sure you prepare to pay for this debt so you can make reopening the account possible.
  • Set an appointment with the bank's manager. Visit the bank during your most convenient time and arrange to speak to the manager. Though this cannot be a very easy process, it is very important that you are patient enough until such time that you can sit with the manager already. During the meeting, explain all the reasons in terms of your financial situation. Provide necessary proofs to help you in explaining your situation including doctor notes, hospital notes, travel tickets, court dates, and the like.
  • Show your gratitude to the bank. You must not be reacting negatively to the closure of your checking account. In fact, you must be thankful to the bank for making the decision of closing your account. If the bank has not closed it, your debt in terms of overdraft fees will just go on higher and higher. With this, show the bank how thankful you are for closing the account and do not forget to express your loyalty to them. If it is necessary, tell the bank how long you are their customer and point out why you prefer this bank than any of their competitors in the business.
  • Pay for the full amount of the debt to the bank. Tell the bank manager that you intend to make a payment of the full amount the very same day. The manager will give you instructions on what you must do to pay the debt off. Upon payment, you must wait a few days or so before you can reopen the account. Ask the bank staff in terms of the waiting period and any requirement for reopening the account.
  • Visit the bank if you cannot find out why your checking account was closed. There are times that the account is closed not because of amount owed to your bank. There are cases that an account is just frozen because of some identified questionable purchases using your account. Hence, it will always pay if you visit the bank in person and inquire about the reason of closing of your checking account. Whatever the reason is, do not be afraid to ask questions in terms of how you can get back your account.

It is not always hard to speak to the bank in terms of reopening your closed checking account because a bank always looks forward into getting loyal and active customers. Hence, do not be afraid to deal with the bank in problems like this. Reopening a closed checking account is almost easier than what you expect it to be.


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