How To Re-Stuff Leather Cushions

Adding leather cushions to your decoration at home is a great thing to do for the sake of sophistication and accent. The more the leather cushions are exposed to frequent usage, the higher their tendency of being worn out is. Because of this, leather cushions lose the firmness that you once loved about them. Upon learning that your leather cushions are no longer firm, you can restore their original appeal by re-stuffing them. Not only will you let the leather cushions look like brand new again, they will also be usable for a longer time.

  • Prepare the materials you will need. Be sure to have the following materials near your working area so that it will be easy for you to access them: curved leather upholstery needle, paper clamps, pillow form, ruler, seam ripper, and waxed thread.
  • Measure the leather cushion. Using the ruler, take the length and the width of the cushion that needs re-stuffing. The measurement must be considered when buying the pillow form. An alternative to this is the use of polyester fiber that can be stuffed into the cushion. However, keep in mind that your work will be messier and there might be a need to have additional package of polyester fiber. Base your preference on how firm you want the cushion to be and how big it is.
  • Open one side of the cushion. If you have a cushion that has a zipper or any other type of closing, there is no more need to cut one side of the cushion—just open it. Otherwise, use the seam ripper on opening just one side of the cushion without going through the leather.
  • Take the old stuffing out of the cushion. It will not require you too much effort to take the old stuffing out of the cushion, but do it with care, at least.
  • Insert the pillow form or polyester fiber. Through the hole, insert the pillow form or polyester fiber depending on your preference of material. As you insert it, be sure to adjust it the way you like.
  • Close the opening. Again, if the cushion has a zipper or any other type of closing, you can simply close it. Otherwise, there is a need to use paper clamps. Use as many paper clamps as necessary on holing the open part shut. Remember to keep the old seam allowance of the cushion on the inside. It is better to use paper clamps instead of pins because the latter will only leave tiny holes in the leather.
  • Stitch the opening. With the paper clamps still intact, thread the curved upholstery needle for a while. Stitch the opening using invisible stitch. There is no need to do this step if the cushion has zipper or other closing. To close the thread, tie it off and you are done.

You can then try your newly re-stuffed leather cushion. Re-stuff other leather cushions that need doing so. Always take good care of them for them to have a longer life.


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