How To Read Iron Man Comics Online

Marvel comic books have different heroes.  One of which is Iron man. Iron Man is a superhero created by the famous comic writer, Stan Lee.  He first appeared in comic no. 39, Tales of Suspense. That was in March 1963.  Iron Man is Anthony Edward Stark (also known as Tony), an engineer who was kidnapped and who was given a task to make a dangerous weapon to destruct mankind.  He suffers a heart problem while in captivity.  He decides to make a powerful iron suit to which he is able to successfully escape.  Back at home, with his company, Stark Industries, which produces weapons for the military, he is able to incorporate some of these weapons into his suit.  Tony uses this suit to fight crime.  Iron Man becomes a member of the Avengers, a team of superheroes.

Through Marvel Comic’s website and a subscription fee, comic book lovers can now read older versions of Iron Man comics.  Here are the steps on how to read Iron Man comics online.

  • Things you will need.  You will, of course, need a computer with an internet provider so you can go online and maybe a credit card, if you do decide to subscribe.
  • Click on your browser.  Using your browser of choice, type in It will bring you to Marvel’s homepage.  Look for the blue tab that says characters and click it.  It will bring you to another page.  Check the list of characters and look for Iron man.  Click it.  
  • Iron Man page.  You are now on a page that has facts on Iron Man.  On the right side of his info sheet, you will see several choices.  Click on the one that says digital comics.  A title saying digital comics featuring Iron Man will come out.  Click on the free online tab (blue).  A list of comics featuring Iron Man will come out.  Click on the comic (picture or title) that interests you.  The comic will automatically open in a new page.
  • Comic page.  After clicking on a picture or title, the new page opened will have the title you chose at the top of the page.  The comic book number is also indicated.  Free preview is stated in yellow, capitalized fonts found at the top, left side.  At the bottom middle, you will find the page number and the word page.  It has arrows on both its sides.  This guides you throughout the comic pages, bringing you to each frame as you read.  An indicator that has a zoom scale is at its left.  This is so you can zoom into the comic page if you have a hard time seeing or reading.  At the bottom right of the page is the word “magnify text.”  If you click on it, a magnifying glass will come out that will help you read the comics.  Clicking on the pages tab will also show you the different comic pages on display.  You can choose which page you left off while reading.
  • Subscription.  Now, if you’re interested in subscribing to Iron Man comics, just click on the “subscribe now” tab.  By subscribing, you will be able to read other Marvel comics online.

There are a lot of other sites that offer free online comic reading.  Enjoy reading other Iron Man comics on those sites. 


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