How To Read Quickly and Effectively

Before even beginning to learn the art of reading quickly and effectively, you must be able to understand the reasons behind slow reading. If people have been branded as slow readers, there are some factors involved. One is the tendency to focus on a single word and stay there, sort of like being fixated. People who read quickly and comprehend fully place their attention on bigger sets of words at once. Certain words are not as important in relaying the message of the text so they can just as easily be skimmed through while taking in a whole thought. Where speed is a problem, the solution may not be too difficult to find. As far as comprehension goes where understanding what you have read is in question, it may be a little more complex. However, it is never too late to work on this skill. There are several ways you can go about it and improve tremendously on your reading proficiency. Here are some of those ways.

  • Keep away from distractions. A lot of times, reading in areas that are filled with various noises and other forms of disturbances can keep you from focusing on your reading material. A good way to be able to concentrate fully is by situating yourself in a place free from all these distractions. Stay in a place that is nice and quiet and conducive to reading. This will help you in maintaining your focus and keep your mind open to whatever messages your material is giving you. Make sure you have the proper lighting too. The temperature and ventilation of the room must be taken into consideration as well since discomfort can be a reason to lose one’s concentration.
  • Avoid moving your lips when reading. Some people do have the habit of reading along with their lips, maintaining that it helps them understand what they are reading more. While it is true that it could, the habit can slow you down a great deal. Avoid it as much as you can and learn to read with your eyes instead.
  • Choose books that have larger fonts. To start off, you may want to consider texts that you can read much easier. You could be one of those people who may have more difficulty comprehending when a text is smaller in size. You can move on to those types later of reading materials when you have mastered your skill. In the meantime, read those with bigger fonts.
  • Study your reading material thoroughly. Check out your books front and back cover including all the other texts that contain information about your reading material. Having a rough idea of what it’s all about can help you gain a bit more understanding about what you can anticipate from reading the book.
  • Choose reading materials that interest you. By picking out articles or books whose topics are familiar to you and which you find special interest in, you help yourself develop your comprehension skills. It is but natural that you will focus more on what you like and grasp the messages being imparted easily. From there, you can begin with other fields of interest.

Learning how to read faster and more efficiently is not impossible but it requires some effort on your part. Practice will always make perfect here and by doing so, you can achieve the reading proficiency skills you are working for.


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