How To Recane a Dining Room Chair

Does your chair needs a recaning job? If yes, don't think that you cannot do it by yourself. With some easy steps and simple tools, you can do this great favor for your dining room chair. The more you do this job, the more experience you can gain to be more adept in this job. Follow these steps to help you get started:

  • Cut off the old cane out the chair. You can use a utility knife for this purpose. Make sure you run the knife right between the groove and the spline. Take note that for you to remove the spline, you must break the glued seal first. Once done, use a chisel so you can pry away all of the old spines off the groove. Then, drill in reed spine and add some vinegar to it. The vinegar will help soften the glue. Afterwards, clean the cane area of the dining chair.
  • Soften the cane and also the reed spline. Do this by soaking both of them in warm water. This can take at most four hours prior the recaning process.
  • Apply glue to the grooves of the chair. Use carpenter's glue and apply it to the groove right around the chair's perimeter.
  • Position the cane on the chair. Install the cane right over the dining room chair. Take that the shiny side of the cane must always be faced up. Also, it is important that the cane is even in all places over the chair's opening.
  • Tighten the cane to the dining room chair. Line the cane's weave at the front edge of the chair. When doing this, keep in mind not to stretch the cane.
  • Hammer the caning wedge to the groove. Lightly hammer the caning wedge to the groove. Start by hammering the wedge at the chair's center and then work on the two sides of the dining room chair. Once done, go on hammering the caning wedge in front of the furniture beginning at the center and then to the sides. The glue will help hold the wedge when it has already dried.
  • Complete installing the edges. Do this for both the front and the back portions of the chair. Alternate three or two inches distance in installing the edges until completed. Then, remove the wedges off the groove. Add some glue inside the top caning in the groove.
  • Hammer the reed spline. Get a new reed spline and hammer it into the groove. Position this at the center portion at the back portion of the dining room chair.
  • Cut the pieces correctly for a balanced chair. Cut off all corners of the reed spline at around 45 degree angles. This is necessary so that all the splines will match with the groove very well.
  • Insert the rest of the splines in the chair. Once all the spline has been inserted in all sides of the dining room chair, cut down any of the excess cane using your utility knife.
  • Clean the excess glue in the chair. Get rid of the excess glue in the chair and allow it to dry. A complete 48 hours is enough for the glue and chair to dry up. This is necessary so as to ensure that the cane will end up properly secured in the dining room chair.

Recaning a chair can involve a lot of process. However, it is a job that is very simple that you can do it by yourself without much trouble. So why don't you get this project started and give your dining room chair a good little favor.


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