How To Record a VHS on a VCR

Have you ever experienced getting home as early as you can only to find out that by the time you get home all the shows you have wanted to see just finished? Or maybe you want to watch a program but you have to be somewhere else at the time. Or maybe you have a favorite series that you want a copy of, or want somebody to watch and would love to give a copy to.

Recording TV programs is easy when you have a VCR. All you need to do is to record a VHS on the VCR and that is it. You can even use and re-use the VHS tape. When you no longer want the video on the VHS tape, you can just record on top of the existing material. Although this is convenient, this also poses a potential problem if you accidentally record on something that you still like to watch.

If you want to enjoy your favorite programs any time, then just record them on a VHS tape using a VCR.  It is easy to do and anyone can do it. You just need a VCR, a VHS tape, a TV, and a coaxial cable and you are all set. To record a VHS on a VCR, refer to these simple steps:

  • Prepare all the materials that you will need. Make sure that the VHS tape that you will be using is blank or that the content is something that is okay to be recorded over.
  • Place the VCR on top of the TV to make connecting cables more efficient. You can also choose to put the VCR beneath the TV if this works for you better.
  • Get the coaxial cable and connect it to the back of the VCR that marks the output port.
  • Then take the other end of the cable and screw it in to the television’s input port. The coaxial cable should be coming from your television antenna or your cable box.
  • Make sure that the TV and the VCR are connected to the power source.
  • Turn the TV and the VCR on. Make sure that the TV is turned to Channel 03. Turn the power of the VCR on and press the TV/VCR button. The TV screen should then display a blue screen. If your VCR is connected to a cable box and you do not get a blue screen, you can also try connecting to channel 04.
  • Now you can change the channel on your VCR or cable box. Using your remote control. Set the station and set the timer when you want the recording to begin. You can set a time when you are not home or a reminder for you to record.

Now you can record the shows that you want at the convenience of your home. Make sure that you keep your VHS tapes in a dry place to prevent it from getting molds and dirt. This would help ensure that what you have recorded on your VHS tapes will last.


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