How To Record Gas Purchases and Vehicle Mileage to Compute Miles per Gallon

Driving your own car can makes travelling faster and more comfortable. You can go anytime and anywhere you want without having to worry if there will be an available vehicle. However, having your own car also needs maintenance to make sure it’s in good running condition. Plus, you need to spend for gasoline for your car to run. In this time when the price of gasoline is getting higher and higher, computing your car’s miles per gallon will be very helpful so you’ll have an idea on how much you will be spending on your car’s gasoline for a month. This will help you budget your money and help you decide when and where you will be using your car. You can compute miles per gallon with the gas you purchased and vehicle mileage or the distance traveled by your car. Calculating this is easy and will only require basic math knowledge.

Here are the steps on how to record gas purchases and vehicle mileage to compute miles per gallon.

  • Prepare the things that you will need in recording. These are not expensive and these are also easy to find. Aside from the car that you already have and the gas that you normally purchase, you will only need a notepad and pen. If you want computation to be easier, you can also bring a calculator with you.
  • Take note of mileage. Recording the information you need in calculating miles per gallon will start on the moment you purchase gas. Fill your car’s gas tank and take note of the mileage you see on your car. There’s no need to take note of the gas purchased yet because the mileage that you have was the mileage for the gas that was already used on the car. The mileage that you took note will be used in the computation on your next gas purchase. Drive as you normally do until it’s time to fill the gas tank again.
  • Take note of details on next gas fill-up. Once it’s time to fill your car’s gas tank again, take note of the gallons of gas purchased as well as the mileage showing on your car. You now have the mileage that you got on your first gas purchase, the mileage you got on your second gas purchase as well as how many gallons of gas was purchased.
  • Compute miles per gallon. Now that you have the information needed, it’s time to compute your miles per gallon. First, get the difference between the two mileages on your notepad. To do this, subtract the first mileage from the second mileage. Once you get the difference, divide this by the gallons of gas on the second purchase. This will give your car’s miles per gallon.

If you want to be more accurate with the result, you can repeat the process by taking note of the mileage and gas purchased like you did on the given steps. Just make sure that you always bring a notepad and pen on your car. Furthermore, remember that acceleration due to stopping and starting when following traffic lights signal as well as when your car is stuck on heavy traffic will use more gas on your car.


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