How To Recover a Seat Cushion

Seat cushions provide style, comfort and coziness to seats. Of course as time passes by, most people realize that the seat becomes messy and untidy as the foam of the seat cushion succumbs to the wear and tear of old age. Thus, changing the seat cushions covers is the solution to this dilemma. The cover not only protects the contents of the seat cushion in one place, but also allows the homeowner to use different colors, patterns and designs to make the chair blend in with the rest of the design of the room.

Like any other piece of fabric, the cushion also encounters dirt, dust, spilled food or drink and the like. These unavoidable events require a change of seat cushion covers. In a similar manner, you would have to re-cover your seat cushions if you feel that they look outdated and archaic. With just basic knowledge in sewing and a dose of resourcefulness, you can readily re-cover your favorite seat cushion. Here’s how.

  • Look for the needed materials and equipment. You would need any measuring equipment for quantifying the length and width of your seat cushion, your chosen color or design of fabric enough to cover the area of the seat, a sewing machine and kit for actually creating the cover and scissors for cutting out excess fabric and thread. Prepare also a pair of scissors.
  • Disassemble your seat cushion and visualize. Before anything else, carefully separate the components of your seat cushion. Untangle the seams. Visualize a diagram of all the pieces, and if possible, draw a diagram and number all the pieces for a quick and easy guide when you are putting everything back to their proper places. Be careful when tearing down your seat cushion and make sure that you don’t meddle with the things you are not supposed to move.
  • Check out your foam padding. Take out the foam padding of your seat cushion and see if it has already softened and has lost its sturdiness. Think about purchasing new foam padding. However, if you are trying to save money, washing the foam before re-covering is a good alternative. You can actually use the washing machine and dryer for this task. For larger foams however, use a large bucket or container with water for washing, then air dry or expose to sunlight.
  • Make a pattern from your old seat cushion cover. Using a measuring tape or any other measuring devices, get the dimensions of your old seat cushion cover and from this, pattern out your new cover. Don’t forget to leave a little bit extra fabric for allowance later when doing the seams.
  • Do the stitching. Stitch the seams with the corresponding sides together. Double-stitch the corners for extra durability. Remove extra fabric to lessen bulkiness. You must leave out an opening in one seam for you to insert the foam padding later.
  • Insert the foam padding and fit the new cushion to the seat. Carefully put the foam inside the cushion cover. Hand-stitch the opening then check if the new cover fits perfectly with your seat cushion.

Nothing beats a fresh look of something that you use in everyday living. This is why re-covering your seat cushions becomes an easy and fun-filled task!


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