How To Recover a Slate Pool Table

Even the sturdiest Brazilian-backed slate pool table can succumb to use over time. The result is a less than flattering pool table that looks like it would perfectly blend into the furniture inside a seedy bar than your elegant yet homey family room. Undo the damage by checking out these suggestions on how to recover a slate pool table.

  • You need the following tools and a warm body-buddy.
        • 2 to 3 pieces of plywood measuring 2 (width) x 4 (height) to hold the slate once it’s off the pool table
        • Nut driver specifically the one that measures 7/16 inches
        • Screwdriver fitted with adjustable teeth or ridges
        • Bolts of felt paper
        • Measuring tape
        • Saw
        • Cutter
        • Hammer
        • Nails
        • Adhesive spray
        • Old newspapers
        • Rags for cleaning
        • A handyman/carpenter warm body-buddy

  • Get ready for the work ahead because this will take hours to finish. You can do this in stages if you wish to lessen the tediousness of the work involved. Ready or not, here you go!
  • Remove the rails using a nut driver. The rails are located on the spot for the chrome rails. Remove each rail using a nut driver. The screws should come off easily after the first couple of twists.
  • Prepare the resting base for the slate. Take the plywood pieces and adjust the size accordingly by sawing off what’s not needed. Then, you need to hammer the pieces together that it resembles a divider.
  • Cover the plywood’s surface with felt. This is critical in order to avoid damaging the slate. You will need to slide this underneath the slate to protect the material from scratches while you work on recovering the damaged pool table.
  • Lift each slate from the pool table. You need your warm body-buddy to help you do this. As you pick each one off the pool table using a screwdriver to undo the bolts, you will also be removing the felt covering on the surface of the table. The felt will be replaced by a new later so don’t worry about it.
  • Clean the exposed surface. You’ll see dust, grime, and chalk residue so a bit of cleaning is called for at this stage. Use clean rags to wipe the exposed surface. Resist the urge to use anything stronger than water to remove residue. Allow the exposed area to dry naturally.
  • Measure the surface area of the pool table. You need to extend your measurements beyond the corners of the table.
  • Cut new felt paper to cover the surface of the pool table. Use the measurements taken from the previous step to cut the felt paper to fit the pool table.
  • Cover the sides and legs of the pool table with old newspaper. This will provide protection for the next step: spraying on adhesive.
  • Spray on adhesive. Begin with the outer portion of the table then work yourself in as you carefully spray a thin film of adhesive. Don’t use too much because it will seep through the felt paper.
  • Stretch the felt paper over the pool table. With a warm body-buddy and yourself on opposite sides of the table, stretch the felt paper over the table until it looks taut. Then, slowly use enough pressure to lay it straight without creasing on the adhesive-covered surface. Leave it to adhere for 10 to 15 minutes returning every few minutes to press, pat, and smooth down.
  • Reattach the slate by screwing the pieces in place. Once the drying process has been completed, you can now reattach the slate on the table. Screw each one in place until all the pieces have been reattached. Polish to a high shine!

Later on you can work on replacing the felt covering of each side pocket but for now, you have recovered a slate pool table on the prime spot where it matters most: on top!


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