How To Recycle Broken China and Ceramic Pottery

China is a beautiful and delicate setting that can cause some frustration if a few pieces of the set are broken. Don’t get frustrated when you have broken china or ceramic pottery. You can still use the remaining pieces. Also, think of the different things you can use the broken china for so you can recycle it. Here are some ideas for you to try.

  • Gather the pieces together. Before you throw out the broken pieces in the trashcan, collect the pieces first. Be careful so you don’t get injured. Store the broken pieces in a newspaper if you won’t use it yet. If you are ready to start on a project, then rinse the pieces first to make sure it is clean. Next, throw out the pieces that are too small and jagged.
  • Make mosaic projects. One of the most basic things you can do with broken china and ceramic pottery is a mosaic project. You can make a mosaic picture frame, a pot or frame for a decorative mirror in your bathroom. You will need the item you want to glue to broken pieces on and some glue. Go online to find inspiration for this project. Get creative! You can make jewelry boxes, pots for plants or a decorative piece for your garden or living room.
  • Use it in the garden. Place medium chunks of the broken china and use it to cover the soil on your plants. This will help keep rodents and other small animals from eating your plants.
  • Make a decorative hedge. Another use of broken pottery in the garden is to line is up on your plant bed to make a decorative border for your plants. It breaks up the monotony of the soil and grass, and makes a clear demarcation for your plant bed. You can also use it to line the path or walkway in your garden.
  • Make jewelry pieces. Smoothen out the edges and make it into a pendant. You can thread the pieces together to make a bracelet or earrings.
  • Use it as a saucer for your plants. If you have some plates that have chips on it that you don’t want to use anymore on the table, place your indoor plants on them. It works great to catch any excess water or dirt from the pots. You can make cracked bowls or a teacup that has lost its handle into small pots for your herbs.
  • Hang it on the walls. If you have an uneven set, you can still use the pretty pieces by hanging it on the wall as art. If you have different patterns, it serves as a focal point of interest. Another creative way to use the plate is to convert it into a clock. Simply buy a clock mechanism and attach it to the plate with a few tools.

Whatever you decide to do with the broken pieces, be sure to handle it carefully, wear the necessary gloves and other safety equipment to protect yourself from shards and sharp edges. With a little creativity and ingenuity, you can recycle the broken pieces into something fun, useful and delightful.


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