How To Recycle Cabinet Doors

There are wooden, plastic, and steel cabinet doors and these materials may last for years. However, they will eventually wear. Now, if you need to buy a new cabinet because your old cabinet is busted or it’s getting smaller for the family, then it’s time to recycle your old cabinet. Below are creative ideas on how to recycle cabinet doors.

  • Recycle cabinet doors as storage boxes. Each storage box must consist of 2 small cabinet doors and 4 bigger cabinet doors. Use screws to assemble a storage box. Attach the larger doors for the top, bottom, front, and back part of your box and attach the smaller doors to the sides of your box. Utilize hinges to attach the lid of your box and for you to open and close it comfortably. Polish the box with paint if you prefer. If you’ll make several boxes, then paint each box with a particular color so you can separate items. Labeling boxes will also help you identify them.
  • Recycle cabinet doors as shelves. Mount shelf bracket pairs on your wall. Then, place your old door onto the shelf brackets to create a shelf. Level the shelf’s surface, so you utilize the insides of your cabinet door if you’ll make decorative panels. Use the flat surface of your shelf to hold canned goods, books, and even garage paints.
  • Recycle cabinet doors as kid-sized table. Find the biggest cabinet door as possible. Remove hardwares like handles, pulls, and hinges. Then, buy table legs on your local hardware store. You can also find an old table and remove its legs. Attach the four legs that you bought on each corner of the cabinet door to make a small table. Kids can utilize the table for playing games, tea parties, and for studying.
  • Recycle cabinet doors as wall hanging. There are limitless ways to decorate a cabinet door. You can paint on your cabinet door’s façade or cutout magazine pictures and create a collage onto your cabinet door. You can also affix seashells, bows, and buttons onto the door; use a glue gun to attach the decorative materials. If the inside of your cabinet door is flat, then you can hang it with a cabinet door handle.
  • Recycle cabinet doors as planter box. You need similar sized 5 cabinet doors to create a rural planter box. Use screws so you can attach the four doors to make a square. Then, fasten the 5th door as your planter’s base. Put weighty plastic in your planter box before pouring soil onto it. Then, plant a shrub or a small tree directly into your planter box.

You can place potted plants within planter boxes. Make several planter boxes to make your garden or your backyard unique. You can ask a repairperson to help you if you doubt your carpentry skills. Learn from the expert and try to recycle yourself the next time around.

This article is an example that we can become resourceful to save money. Recycling is also a way to become creative. You can also alleviate stress and have a positive mindset through recycling. You can also think of other ways on how to recycle cabinet doors. We are all creative; it may just have been dormant.


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