How To Recycle Chopsticks

If you frequent Chinese restaurants, then you might probably have a chopsticks collection already. Most chopsticks are disposable but you can reuse them in various ways. Chopsticks made of porcelain, ivory, and plastic can be reused. However, wooden chopsticks cannot be. Below are effective ideas to recycle chopsticks.

  • Use chopsticks as garden stakes. You can support small plants and seedlings by using chopsticks. Just stick a chopstick beside a floppy plant. Then, tie your plant carefully to its new stake.
  • Use chopsticks as hair sticks. Use chopsticks to keep your hair from falling. Twirl your hair in a roll then insert a chopstick in the core. You can dye or illustrate onto the chopstick to achieve a better hairstyle.
  • Use a chopstick as stirrer. It’s artistic to stir tea or coffee through a chopstick. Your friends will be amazed when you extract a tea bag by using a chopstick. People living in humidor climates can use a chopstick to loosen-up powdered spices. The small chopstick’s girth will fit through pouring openings.
  • Make chopsticks basket. Find a basket design online or in magazines. Then, copy that design by pasting one chopstick after another by using glue or transparent epoxy. You can make several baskets to separate fruits from spices. Don’t put wet materials on chopstick baskets because they will become messy.
  • Make chopstick earrings. Wooden dangling has exotic effect. To make a pair, use shears to cut a pair of chopsticks into your preferred length. Now, paint it with a plain hue or put a small flower or a Chinese character on each dangling. Wrap a silver or gold wire on the pinnacle of the earrings and loop the extra wires into your pierced ears. Knot the end of the wires.
  • Play sticks game using chopsticks. They will give another dimension to the game. The chopsticks are heavier so the pulse of the players will be tested and adjusted. You can have a uniform color or make chopstick sets, like paint a set in blue, another in red and so on. You can assign a player to just pick the blue, and you, just the red. You can amend the basic rules for more fun. Use acrylic paint in painting the chopsticks.
  • Recycle chopsticks as model building material. Chopsticks can serve as models in art projects. Younger children can utilize the chopsticks in school dioramas.
  • Make chopsticks coasters. Use shears to cut the chopsticks in half. Make a hole in the base of every chopstick. Then, thread all the chopsticks with a colorful string. Add petite colorful beads between chopsticks if you prefer. Make a knot in the string after you’ve thread the last chopstick. Redo the procedure on the other end of the chopsticks.
  • Recycle chopsticks as art. Gather wooden chopsticks and form a furnishing or sculpture. Just attach one chopstick to the other to make your preferred design. Break chopsticks if needed to enhance your design.
  • Other crafts that you can make with chopsticks. Chopsticks that can be recycled are made of wood so they’re good craft material. You can make chopsticks handbags, chopsticks lamp, chopsticks necklace, chopsticks aquarium, chopsticks bra, urchin light, and chopsticks notebook among others.

You just need to be creative to make these ideas and for you to make one of your own. Plan your craft and gather your needed materials before executing. Make and master one form of recycled craft before doing another.


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