How To Recycle Concrete

There are various methods to recycle concrete. You can get old concrete from old roads, construction sites, and old houses. Recycle them to keep waste from the landfill. Recycling also serves as great hobby and an effective way to save money. Below are creative ideas on how to recycle concrete.

  • Recycle concrete into gravel. Crush the concrete into gravel. You can use it in your driveway or to create a border around your plant or vegetable garden. Gravel also looks good in the base of a shallow fish pond. Just interspersed gravel at the bottom of the pond; your pond will brighten up when it’s touched by sunshine.
  • Make garden steps. Crush the slabs to achieve different concrete sizes. They look great on a walkway from your porch. You can also make steps to your garden or flowerbed. They also look good as a trail to an outdoor pavilion or a shed. Just lay the crushed slabs in the path. Create a space about 6-8 inches between steps.
  • If you like potted pots, position several concrete slabs around your garden. Put the potted pots over the slabs for additional texture and height. You can use similar or various plants on the pots for motif.
  • Recycle concrete as a patio table. Slabs are fabulous when they’re stacked against one another. If you have 5-6 slabs, then stack them around your terrace furnishing to achieve a simplistic yet exotic table. Stack the slabs as high as the arms of your terrace chair. It’s also completely weatherproof so it may last for several lifetimes. Make an outdoor table if you have huge slabs.
  • Recycle concrete as home driveway. Use big slabs from broken concrete so you can pave a new driveway that tracks your home. Turn the concrete upside down so their organic side will be shown. They have a pleasing appearance. It will also prevent cars from speeding down your driveway.
  • Tips in recycling concrete. You can save cash if you need to demolish a structure. Just hire an area contractor who is specializing in concrete recycling. It will lessen your costs in disposing and transporting concrete slabs. You’ll also save the waste system by not dumping materials that are still useful.

It’s easier and cheaper to break concrete than cutting it. You can ask someone to help you or hire a contractor to do to the recycling for you if you doubt your skills or if you’re schedule is hectic. You can also collect concrete gradually by getting some from friends or relatives who’re rebuilding or demolishing structures.

Recycling concrete is one example to be economical while saving the environment. Concrete are like woods when recycled because they are pleasing to look at, it might be because of their being organic. It’s also a way to tell your family members and friends that you don’t need to shell out much money to achieve wonderful furniture, or garden steps. All you need is to become creative. Recycling concrete is just an example of what innovations you can do with idle things.


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