How To Recycle Expired Coupons

You can do something good to your extra or expired coupons. Send them to overseas military families. They can use your expired coupons 6 months more after they’ve become expired  Below are information on how to recycle expired coupons.

  • Determine what kinds of coupons that can still be use after expiration. One example is Bed, Bath, and Beyond coupons. Ask a customer service representative or a store manager if their company accepts expired coupons. You can also e-mail the customer relations of the manufacturer to inquire if they’ll replace your expired coupons. They might say yes, and they might no, but you must try if you want to help military families.
  • Visit the website of the overseas coupon program: Learn all the information that you can get.
  • Read the adoption form table. You must adopt a base. Scan the names of bases and their corresponding location, availability and service affiliation. The mailing address of each base can be seen on the right side of the adoption form table.
  • There are different kinds of base like Alconbury, UK (US Air Force), Ansbach Germany (US Army), Atsugi, Japan (US Navy), Bamburg, Germany (US Army), Brussels, Belgium (US Army), Gaeta, Italy (US Navy), Grafenwoehr, Germany (US Army), Ikego, Japan (US Navy), Illesheim, Germany (US Army), Incirlik, Turkey (US Air Force), Iwakuni, Japan (US Marine Corps), Lakenheath, UK (US Air Force), Okinawa, Japan (US Army),  Okinawa, Japan (US Air Force), Osan, Korea (US Air Force), Rota, Spain (US Navy), Sasebo, Japan (US Navy), Schweinfurt, Germany (US Army), Sigonella, Sicily (US Navy), Spangdahlem, Germany (US Air Force), Vicenza, Italy (US Army), Yokohama, Japan (US Navy), Yokosuka, Japan (US Navy), and Yokota, Japan (US Navy).

    It’s not necessary to adopt a base but it will make the procedure smoother. You’ll also determine who’ll receive your mailed coupons each month.

  • Check if the base that you want to help accepts adoption. The availability can be seen below the type of military service of the base that you want to help. These words are indicated if the base accepts help: Yes, please adopt us! If not, these words are stated: No new adoptions.
  • Donate the expired coupons. Clip the coupons. Divide them in non-food and food categories. Calculate the amount of every stack. Then, put every stack in a plastic bag or envelope. Now, mail the coupons in your preferred military base. Don’t use paper clips and rubber bands in sorting the coupons. Also, don’t send restaurant coupons, food stamps, and food vouchers.
  • Report the total amount of your coupons to OCP. Email them at [email protected] The report must include your adopted base, the mailing date of the coupons, the total worth of your coupons, and the annual worth of your coupons. Don’t forget to state your contact information.
  • Tips in saving money in using coupons. Augment the coupons with sales flyers to teach children about the importance of saving cash. You can teach your kids about buying products on sale that has coupons. Compare the prices of the products that are on sale and its ordinary prices, let them count the amount of money that can be save.

There are many other ways where we can recycle to generate income to help others, ourselves, and to save the environment. Learn more about recycling for us to have a better world to live in.


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