How To Recycle Old Jars and Glasses to Make Mosaic Candle Holders

A great way to support the recycling movement and at the same time have an affordable and unique gift to your friends is by making recycled candle holders made from old jars and glasses. The light from the candle inside the candle holder will send splashes of colors from your recycled jar. The article below lists down the tips that you can follow on how to make this project in the comforts of your own home.

  • Materials that you will need:
    • Glue gun and glue sticks
    • Some old jars and glasses made of clear material
    • Accessories such as marble accents, colored paint or beads
    • Votive candles or tea lights
  • Getting your materials together. Your very first step is to collect your old jars for recycling. Good candidate jars are mayonnaise bottles, old vases or lemonade pitchers. They do not need to come in pairs – sometimes the most charming arrangements are from the mismatched ones. You can also take a look at the department stores and hobby shops for inspiration on your color palette and treatment.
  • Cleaning your jars. You would then need to clean out your jars and make sure there are no residue materials in the crevices and in the corners. If there are still labels or price tags on the jar then wipe it off with some cotton ball or cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. Make sure that before you start working on your jar, that it is completely dry, especially the outer portions of your jar. Double check if there are cracks or any unwanted defects in your recycled jar.
  • Thinking about your design. Before you start gluing your design to the bottle, think first about the design that you want and try to lay it out before sticking it to the jar. Are you trying to spell out some initials? Or just want a random mosaic design? Whatever your decision is, remember that sticking with glue sticks is a permanent thing. Start gluing the marble accents as well as the sequins and other accents that you want to put on the jar. You can glue a trip of ribbon to serve as a lid molding at the top of your jar. You can also place some handles on your jars especially if you plan to hang them. This would look nice on old spice bottles. To keep your bottles usable all year, do not stick to a particular color scheme. But if you are giving this as a gift then maybe it would be nice to consider the nearest season or holiday so that you can incorporate that in your design.

Since glue sticks dry instantly (almost) then there is no waiting time until you can place a candle inside the jar for testing. Scented candles make a good gift especially the popular scents like vanilla or lavender. You can now see that not only is it functional by providing light, it also gives a dose of color to the room, not to mention that it’s recycling old bottles. You can also do this to other containers that can handle the heat of the glue stick. Other accessories that would work well are plastic and glass jewel pieces that can be found in most craft stores. You can also try making a necklace around the jar and just gluing some end points so that you can drape the design around the jar.


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