How To Reduce Bad Stress and Use it in a Positive Manner

Stress is one of the most common things anyone will experience once in awhile.  Face it, it is a part of everyday life and the only thing that you can do is find ways to relieve it.  However, in many cases, some people experience tremendous amounts of stress in any given day.  It will take a ton of willpower and positivity to weather the effects of this tremendous pressure.  Unfortunately, not everyone will be blessed with so much foresight and this stress will normally be converted into a negative aura caused by mishandling of this negative energy.  Yes, people around you may get hurt in the process.  

The key to relieving stress is by redirecting the negative energy into positive energy.  This way, you can make your stress more productive instead of allowing you to eat up inside you and even disrupt some of your interpersonal relationships.  Here are some options to convert that negative energy into a more positive one.

  • Get fit.  This is the most common option of stress release and, of course, this is somewhat consider as the most effective.  Exercising can actually release all the pent up pressure and emotions inside of you.  It is common to feel angry, anxious, irritated, annoyed, or depressed because of stress.  All these are negative feelings and are also considered to be excess energies.  If you let these energies keep building up, it is highly possible that you will breakdown eventually.  Well, to avoid that, you can simply exercise.  It releases everything you feel inside and even allows you to use that excess energy to keep your body in tiptop shape.  By doing this, you are effectively converting the negative energy into positive energy.
  • Talk it out.  This is another option to consider.  Find someone close to you who is willing to listen to your rants and tirades and start expressing your feelings.  Being able to express every feeling inside of you can greatly aid in releasing the stress and pressure building up in your mind and body.  At the same time, the person you are talking to may appreciate the sentiment of trust and confidence, which in turn will improve you social relationship with him.  Furthermore, this particular person may even direct you to look at things at a fresher and more positive perspective.
  • Relax.  Obviously, this should go without saying.  When you feel stressed, getting yourself into a relaxed state is highly recommended.  You can relax in any number of ways and should be based on your preference.  Get a massage, do some yoga, watch TV, read a book, or sleep.   These are all options that can significantly reduce the stress inside of you.

Another option to reduce and relieve the stress you are feeling is by engaging in something that you enjoy doing.  If you have a hobby or interest, then consider redirecting your negative energy into that.  For instance, if you love baking, then consider baking a scrumptious pie or cake when you feel stressed.  If you love gardening, then that rose garden can only do wonders for your stress.  It is really based on your preference and interests but know that for as long as you enjoy what you are doing, the stress will disappear and you will be left with a positive output.


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