How To Reduce Car Engine Noise

Alright, this problem of engine noise is commonly related to car age.  Brand new cars normally won’t have engines that emit high decibel levels.  It is only those that have been used for quite a bit that will have this problem.  However, when it does come to that, the sound of your engine can actually irritate you, especially if you are the one driving and just want to think.  Well, it may be hard to think when you have the bustling engine of your car pervading the ambience inside your vehicle.  

Well, today, you will learn a couple of methods on how to reduce the noise of your engine.  These options have been guaranteed to work by a vast number of car owners.

  • Check your engine.  If your engine has become inexplicably and abnormally loud, then the first thing that you should do will be to check your engine.  Most of the time, the noise in the engine is caused by an instability or loose part in it.  In some cases, the engine may actually be crying and complaining because something is not functioning the way it should.  Take the noise as a sign and try to determine its source.

    First off, make sure to tighten the bolts found in your engine.  Loose bolts are usually the most common causes of loud engine noise.  If there is a loose bolt, it will create a loud repetitive noise due to the vibration of the engine when it is running.  Hence, by tightening the bolt, you will effectively reduce the noise.  Now, bear in mind that this can be a meticulous task as there are many bolts inside your engine.  So, it is highly recommended to have a mechanic work on it instead.  Make sure to focus on the bolts on the engine support, as these are normally the common culprits.

    Aside from the bolts, make sure to check out every part in your engine to see if they are loose or if they are not working as they should be.  Pay close attention to your spark plugs as well as old ones can actually cause unnecessary vibrations.  Change them if you think you need to.

  • Block out the noise.  Alright, if after checking each corner of your engine and after you have tightened all the bolts, the noise still persists; consider blocking a huge amount of the noise by placing an insulation mat on top of the engine, under the hood.  This particular sound insulation mat is called the Dynamat.  It actually resembles a large piece of aluminum foil sealed in some kind of plastic layer.  This particular mat is normally used by audiophiles to seal a particular area so that sound bounces and is kept within that particular area.  Placing this mat on the engine will muffle the sound, which will provide you with some peace and quiet as you drive around.

These two options should easily solve your noise problem.  Of course, there are other ways such as checking the grounding of your vehicle and by securing the other lose plates and parts all around the car.  If these two noise reduction options do not work, then consider trying out the other options.


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