How To Refill a Zippo Candle Lighter

Zippo is a metal refillable lighter. It is legendary because in its seven decades of existence, Zippo created various styles and designs to fascinate and enlighten lighter enthusiasts. Zippos are durable, fashionable, and they are easy to use. Below are ideas on how to refill a Zippo candle lighter.

  • Determine the different kinds of Zippo lighters. There are different types of Zippo lighters like windproof lighters, BLU butane lighters, candle lighters, and outdoor line among others.
  • Each type has different categories like windproof has Americana, animals, armor, bottomz up/crown stamp, edgy, gambling/luck, general, gift sets, Harley-Davidson, heroes/military, motorsports/cars, movies/television, music, outdoor, Playboy, pipe lighters, precious metals, replica, slims, spirits, spiritual, sports, standard finishes and tourism among others.
  • Refill your Zippo. Ensure that your lighter is cool before refilling it. Flip open the top part of your Zippo. Hold the flint wheel of your lighter with your two fingers. The flint wheel is the area where the flame appears.
  • Hold the narrow part of your lighter’s case with your free hand. Slide your lighter’s inner case outward from its outside case. There is a felt pad within the case. Turn over the inner case so its felt pad would be facing up. Now, pour lighter fluid to saturate the pad but don’t overdo for it might drip.
  • Keep your Zippo in inverted position. Put back the inside case of your Zippo within its outside case. Ensure that your Zippo’s small trigger is facing toward the bottom’s hinge. The trigger can be found on the top of the lighter.
  • Test your refilled Zippo. Test your Zippo a few times. Use premium but affordable fuel as possible.
  • If your Zippo has malfunctioned. Remember Zippo’s words: It works or we’ll fix it for free. This is a sincere promise from the company. They believe that each customer is important so it’s a need to fulfill the expectation of each customer whenever a Zippo has been sent for repair. Zippo also guarantees that each of their lighters will give a dependable flame source whether a unit is 50, 25, or 5 years old. They also stated that there’s no person who spent a dollar for the repair of his lighter in the company’s 75 years of existence.
  • Download or print Zippo’s product instructions sheets. You love your Zippo and you want to take care of it the best way possible. Get a copy of the instructions sheets to learn more on how to take care of your beloved lighter.
  • Zippo refilling history. Before, the batt had a little hole in its bottom to aid refilling. It is also frequently used as an area for extra flints. Nowadays, there are only fewer models that have that hole. Instead, newer models have flat bottoms. Their hinges can be found on one of their short edges. The instruction Lift to Fill is stamped several times using black ink. It can be found on the bottom. The user must open the flap to squirt fuel into the Zippo’s batt that can be found under its flap.

Always bring a lighter fluid or Butane to keep your Zippo working. Also, you must follow precautions like don’t put your lighter on places where kids can reach it.


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