How To Refinish a Wood Mirror Frame

A wood frame gives a mirror a classic yet stylish feel. Some of these have been around for a long time with the family and considered as treasures from their grandparents. If you feel like your precious mirror is losing its magic because the wood frame looks old and dirty, refinishing this may bring back its original beauty. You can bring the mirror to a professional who can refinish this or you can try refinishing this by yourself. Do this only if the wood frame is the one that needs refinishing and not if the mirror itself is worn. A worn mirror will need resilvering which is a different process and if your mirror is that precious to you, it’s best to have it resilvered by a professional instead of resilvering this yourself and causing more damage.

Here are the steps on how to refinish a wood mirror frame.

  • Prepare the things that you need in refinishing wood mirror frame. These are glass cleaner, furniture refinisher, polyurethane finish, clean cloth, fine steel wool, oil soap, goggles and gloves. It’s very important to wear your gloves and goggles upon starting the project to protect your eyes and hands from chemicals that you will be using.
  • Clean the mirror and frame. Use glass cleaner to clean the mirror. If there are hard to remove stains, clean the part again until it’s clear. Next, clean the wood mirror frame using a clean cloth and oil soap. Clean all parts of the frame properly to remove dirt that may be sticking on it. Once done cleaning, see if the mirror really needs refinishing. Sometimes, dirt can make it look old and worn out and it just needs simple cleaning to make it look good again. However, if you really think that the frame needs refinishing after cleaning it, then you can go on with the steps.
  • Remove old finish. Like when refinishing wooden cabinet or floors, the old finish should be removed before applying any chemical on the wood. This is to make sure that all dirt that may be sticking on it will be removed and the frame will be totally clean when you apply new finish. Use steel wool and furniture finish to remove old finish on the frame. This will also take care of the scratches present on the wood frame. Wipe the old finish, which is being removed using a clean cloth. If your frame has an intricate design or decoration, make sure to work on this closely and carefully to make sure that all parts has been applied with the furniture finish.
  • Apply polyurethane on the frame. Let the furniture finish completely dry before applying polyurethane. Use a clean cloth to apply this on the wood frame. Let it set for about an hour before applying another coat. There are brands that require longer time before applying the second coat. Check the instructions of the manufacturer to determine how long you need to wait before applying another coat.

Once it’s completely dry, clean the mirror again with glass cleaner. You can also apply a clear coat on the frame if desired.


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