How To Reformat a Compaq Computer

Compaq is one of the largest suppliers of personal computers and laptops. It first started as an independent company but then it was acquired by Hewlett-Packard. Despite the change, one thing remained the same and that it the good quality that these computers have.

But no matter how good the quality of your PC is, once it is attacked by computer viruses, you will need to reformat it to bring it back to its usable state. Reformatting a Compaq PC is quiet easy especially if you know what to do. All you’ll need are the Windows installation disc and its product key for you to get started.

  • Put in the Windows installation disc. You can use the Windows XP or Windows Vista installation disc to reformat your computer. This will reinstall the operating system in your computer and will format your hard drive either in the FAT or NTFS file system.
  • Restart your computer. When your computer restarts press F2 for you to be able to access the BIOS. The BIOS allows all the computer’s components to communicate with each other. When you enter the BIOS, look for the option “Boot Sequence” then choose “Boot to CD”.
  • Exit the BIOS. Once you have saved the changes in the boot sequence, exit the BIOS then restart your computer.
  • Delete the partition. When you restart your computer, you will enter the setup screen. It will delete your existing partition, which is Drive C, and then press “D” to delete the partition. Then press “L” to confirm that you really want to delete the partition.
  • Install Windows XP or Windows Vista. Once you have deleted the partition, your disc status will change and will appear to have an unpartitioned space. Simply press “Enter” to begin your installation. The installation disc will give you the option for FAT or NTFS. It is better to use the NTFS as this is often the preferred file system for Windows. Wait for the formatting to be completed.
  • Enter the product key. When the formatting is done, Windows installation will automatically start. A dialogue box will then appear. Enter the product key then click the “Next” button. Choose the typical settings then click on the “Next” button. Wait for the process to finish and when it’s done your computer will now have with the Windows XP operating system installed.

One thing you have to know when reformatting your Compaq PC is that all your files will be deleted. Unless you have several partitions, all the files in the reformatted partition will be lost. You can try to create a backup for these files first before reformatting but make sure that you won’t include any computer viruses to avoid constant reformatting.

It is actually healthy for you to reformat your computer every once in a while. This will optimize your computer’s performance and usability. Remember to buy and use only the legal and authentic Windows installation disc for you to be able to completely reformat your PC. If your installation disc is fake, you won’t have the product key, leaving reformatting process hanging.


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