How To Refresh a XM Signal

The XM radio is satellite radio that continuously plays music because it is commercial free. People subscribe to this service and it is available in the United States and in Canada. The radio has over 170 digital channels that vary from music to talk shows. The entertainment this satellite radio offers is crystal clear and offers a vast range of musical genres. To Hip-Hop to country, it is offered by XM radio.

This XM radio is great for cars especially if you love going on long drives. It is now offered in many luxury cars and has a free subscription for 1-2 years. When the subscription expires, car owners could choose to terminate the subscription or renew it.

If you have an XM radio and you seem to be having some troubles with it then the best solution is to try to refresh the XM signal. Refreshing the signal is often done to activate the original signal or to fix deactivated XM radios.

Here is what you need to do to easily refresh your XM signal:

  • Get your ID number. It is important to get you ID number because you will need this when you call their customer service hotline. To get this, turn your station to channel 0 to get your XM radio ID number.
  • Switch off your XM radio. If you are not receiving any signal in your XM radio then it means that you need to refresh its signal. You have to switch it off since you’re not getting anything from it.
  • Call the support center. When you have switched off your XM radio, call 1-800-XM-Radio and an automated system will answer. To save you some time, do not wait for a live operator to attend to you since you can refresh your signal using the automated system.
  • Verify your ID number. If you will use the automated system, choose the 3rd option that will be presented you when refreshing your signal. The automated system will then ask you to enter the XM radio ID number. Once you have given the ID number and it has been verified, you will have to wait for the automated system to state that a signal has already been sent.
  • Switch on your XM Radio. After the automated system tells you that the signal has been sent, switch on your XM radio within 30 minutes after your call. Turn your radio to channel 1 and wait for about 15-20 minutes for your XM radio signal to refresh.
  • Check all your stations. One the XM radio signal has been refreshed, it would be best to browse through all your stations to make sure that all of the stations are entering your receiver.

The XM radio is quite functional and handy to have. You will definitely enjoy the no-commercial feature of this radio while you listen to your music, sports, programs and others. But once to start to feel like you are not getting any signal or you start to notice that some of your stations rent working then make sure to refresh your XM signal the right way, to avoid any further problems with your XM radio.


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