How To Register a Business Name in New York

If you want a business in NYC, it is necessary that you operate within the standards of the government. This is important so you can be certain that your new business is registered in the government records. Plus, proper name registration will enable you to operate without problems. So before you operate your own business in the city, better register the business name first. Here is a guide to help you successfully in your business name registration:

  • Pick the name of your business. Decide on the name of your business you prefer to register. Take note that this is a name that can work for the advantage of your business. Plus, make sure it is unique and no other business in the city is named similarly to your idea.
  • Know where you have to register the business name. Depending on the type of ownership of your business, you have to submit your registration to different agencies. For instance, if you are having a business name similar to the name appearing in your IDs and taxes, you no longer need to register for a business name. However, if you are the sole proprietor of a business but you want not to use your name for it, you must apply for a business certificate to the county clerk office in the location where your new business is operating. The same process is true for partnership businesses. On the other hand, if you are starting a corporation, the registration must be submitted to the secretary of state's office in Albany.
  • Obtain the Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) for your business. This is true if you are operating your business with hired employees. Even if you will only hire one employee, it is a requirement for you to get your EIN especially if you will be doing tax returns or federal pension. Refer to the IRS on how you can obtain this identification number. Take note, if you are working as the sole business proprietor without employees, the Social Security number can already work as your EIN. Hence, you have to skip this step when you do not plan to hire anyone to help you run your business.
  • Trademark the registered business name. Though this is not a necessity, this step is also a practical security measure for your business. This can also be your protection against businesses that will plan to use the same business name as yours all over the country. You can easily trademark the name by going to
  • Start your business for operation. Once you have everything ready, you can already start your business. Take note that it is not a good idea to open your business without undergoing the proper registration process first. This is an illegal action and you can end up being punished by the law of New York City if you are caught.

You can mark the success of your business by successfully registering a business name. Though this can require some of your time, money, and effort, these are all worth it in the end. Keep in mind that if you have not submitted to the proper registration, you and your business can end up facing a lot of troubles sooner or later.


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