How To Regrow Hairline

There are many factors why some people have a receding hairline. It can be caused by genetics, which generally affect the men but can also affect some women. It can be cause by an illness, improper hair care and some hairstyles that put too much strain on the hair follicles leading to loss of more hair than usual. It is natural for each person to lose a few hair strands a day, as the hair continues to follow a cycle of growth and falling off. For some people, it is normal to shed about twenty-five strands per day while other people will shed more than one hundred stands a day and still be on the normal scale. People with more hair per square inch may find that they lose more hair than people with thinner hair. That is no cause for worry unless you are losing clumps of hair when you run your fingers through your hair. If you find that your hairline seems to be receding without new hair growth, below are some tips on how to regrow your hairline.

  • Gentle massage with warm olive oil or coconut oil will stimulate the hair follicles and make your hair grow. In time you will see new growth along your hairline as well as all over your head.
  • Use a brush with rounded tips that will stimulate your scalp. Gently brush your hair from the back of your head forward and then repeat the process by brushing the hair back from your front hairline towards your back. Brushing will remove dead hair but will massage your scalp to encourage better blood circulation.
  • Hair loss can be attributed to vitamin deficiency. Cod liver oil, fish oil, and other sources of Vitamin E will help contribute to better hair growth. So do Vitamin B-6, B-12, niacin, panthenol and biotin. These vitamins help to prevent hair loss. Vitamins A and C are also beneficial to maintain normal hair growth. Although Vitamin A is good for your hair, be sure to take only the recommended dosage, as Vitamin A is not easily broken down by the body like other vitamins.
  • Stress can cause your hair to fall at a rapid pace. Learn to relax and remove or avoid the causes of stress in your life. Once you start to be calmer you will soon find that your hair fall will go back to normal. Get enough rest as this can help remove your stress. Enough sleep is also important to prevent hair loss. Lack of sleep, combined with stress can make you lose more hair than usual.
  • Proper nutrition will also help to arrest excessive hair loss and help to regrow your hairline. A balanced meal will supply your body with the required vitamins and minerals for normal hair growth. Fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, meat and cereals and nuts all have the essential nutrients for healthy hair growth.

There are other factors that can contribute to receding hairline. Harsh chemical that you apply to your hair regularly is one of these factors. If you are a woman who regularly braids your hair tightly or coil it in a tight bun, a change to a looser hair style will allow your hair to relax and grow better as you eliminate the stress on the hair roots. Elastic headbands can also be culprits in making you lose more hair than usual.


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