How To Release a Laminated Document

Lamination of documents has been very popular because of its advantages. Anyone who has important papers that must not be torn, folded, scratched, damaged or stained can easily gain the benefits of lamination of documents. It is partly because of the convenience that is brought about by document lamination that many people are oftentimes wondering how to release a laminated document whenever it is necessary. Some may think that it is a difficult thing to do, but as a matter of fact releasing a laminated document is as easy as counting from 1 to 3.

By and large, paper lamination is a technique in which you make a plastic film on top of a document. Heat is applied to the plastic in order for the molding to become possible. The heated plastic is pressed around the document. This is done in order to protect the document from any kind of damages especially scratches and water spoilage. Many people preserve memorabilia and pictures apart from documents. Part of the decision of having a document laminated is the tendency of having the decision to remove it. Follow the subsequent steps in order to release a laminated document.

  • Set up on a bright environment. It is best to set up on a bright environment to see the best look of the document and its lamination. Use a mat and position the document on it. You can use a lamp to have a bright light shining on the document.
  • Inspect the laminated document. Since you are on a bright environment, you can easily see the seams and edges of the laminated document. Thoroughly inspect the laminated document. You must be able to see where the seam is. In essence, the seam that you must find is the one where the plastic meets up with the document. This seam makes a clear pocket for air.
  • Slice the plastic lamination away from the document. Use a utility knife to slice the plastic lamination. You can use a ruler to appropriately line the slicing down the seam. Avoid slicing the document.
  • Force-open the lamination. Open the lamination away from the paper as carefully as possible. Little by little, pull the lamination off of the document. Try not to mess up with the document and end up tearing the paper. Pull until the lamination is totally removed. If pulling by force seems not to work properly, you may use a heat gun to put some heat on the laminate. Set the heat gun on low in order to let the laminate become softer. Once the laminate is soft, it will be easier for you to release the document.

In as much as you consider laminating documents because of the need of protecting them, consider as well that it would be better not to laminate papers, documents, memorabilia, photos and other important materials that you think you will be needing in the future. But then again, if all else fails, you can go over the aforementioned steps to release a laminated document.


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