How To Relieve a Toothache With Pressure Points

The problem of having a toothache these days is no big deal because it is very easy to visit a dentist unlike the old times. But then again, this does not mean that there was no solution to the tooth problems of our forefathers. With the use of one’s pressure points, toothaches can be relieved without any hassle. If truth be told, pressure points have been used up to now in the form of acupressure. With the aid of acupressure, one can take advantage of how to relieve a toothache with pressure points. It is very best to know what these pressure points are so that you can help yourself on easing your headache.

Just like acupuncture, which is the art of treating disorders by means of inserting needles into the areas of the skin that are supposed to be meridians that are blocked, acupressure is one of those wonderful ancient healing practices that can be utilized in order to press the points that help out for the relief of toothache.

Bear in mind that the very concept of acupressure is to put a pressure directly on the point that aches with the use of your fingers. The following are the usual pressure points that can aid on bringing relieved from toothache.

  • In front of the ear. There is a pressure point in the depression that can be found in front of the ear when you open your mouth. In order to locate this, position the end of your index finger just in front of your ear, specifically in front of your ear hole, and then open your jaw so as to find the said depression. Press your fingertip into that depression as lightly as possible. Do not be worried if you feel a stinging stir right in your jaw. It is actually the pressure point that works for you by means of numbing the nerve that is accountable for the pain you are suffering from.
  • On the base of the cheek bones. Up until you locate the base of your eyeball, map out the base of your cheek bone and then press that point. When pressing, considering doing it in an inward-downward basis. By means of doing this, the entire face will feel complete numbness that will also affect the upper part of your jaw.
  • On the back of the ankle. There is also a pressure point you can maximize by means pressing on the back of the ankle that is located halfway between the tendon and the inner part of the anklebone. Use both your thumb and forefinger on working out for the peak of the muscle located between the tendon and the inner part of the anklebone. Apply pressure with your fingers and have your toothache relieved in no time.

By means of going for the given pressure points, there is no doubt that you are going to experience relief that you ought to have after all those unbearable moments. Use it for your own satisfaction while considering the need of being relaxed all of the time for best results.


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