How To Remodel a Mobile Home Bathroom

A mobile home bathroom should be as comfortable and pleasurable to use as the rest of the mobile home. Remodeling your mobile home bathroom can be done in one weekend. With a little help from a friend or a family member, you can surely make the work go faster. You can remove the old faucet and other fixtures, replace the flooring and change the look of the wall. These fixes and updates will surely give your mobile home bathroom a new look.

  • Envision your new bathroom. Take a look around your small but functional mobile home bathroom. What do you want it to look like? Decide what needs replacing. Take a snap shot of the whole bathroom so you can bring the picture around when you go shopping for fixtures and other items you want to use for the new bathroom.
  • Remove the current fixtures that need replacing. You don’t have to take out all the fixtures. The bathtub or the sink may still be in good condition. So why replace it? If you are on a budget, take out only those fixtures and items that really must go. Set aside those that you still plan to reuse. Donate or recycle the ones that you want to get rid of.
  • Take out the flooring and the wall. If it is your intention to replace the flooring and the walls, remove them. You need to see the condition underneath the floor and the walls to see if there are holes or parts that are warped or have sunk. Take a picture of the stripped down bathroom for reference.
  • Purchase your materials. As you remove fixtures, walls and floors, you should already be making a list of materials to buy. Go to the hardware store or a home improvement store and buy your materials as well as tools that you may need but do not have at home. Don’t forget to bring a picture of your old bathroom and the stripped down bathroom. You can use these pictures to determine what you need to buy.
  • Level the bathroom floor. Mortar is used when leveling the bathroom floor. Check the instructions on the package on how to mix your mortar. Pour the mixture on the floor. Level out the mortar according to the slope of the bathroom floor.
  • Replace the flooring. Using your choice of bathroom flooring lay it out on the leveled floor. Many use linoleum instead of tiles. Tiles break easily. Linoleum is easier to install and is more flexible making it less prone to cracking when the mobile home shakes or goes over bumps and dips.
  • Put up the new wall. Replace the old walls with the new wall paneling. Your choice of wall paneling should be based on functionality, budget and your design aesthetic. If you like, you can cover the wall with wallpaper, too.
  • Replace damaged plumbing. For water pipes that have cracks or damages replace them with new ones. Quick fixes are not a good idea. New pipes will last longer and can handle the wear and tear experienced in mobile homes.
  • Install the fixtures. Reinstall fixtures that you decided to reuse and install the new ones you bought. Make sure to test for water leakage. Use caulk and sealants properly to prevent water damage of any kind.

Remodeling your mobile home bathroom is a fun weekend project to sink your teeth in. Work with a plan and a budget. Reuse items that are still in good condition. Spend time looking for ideas on the Internet for inspiration.


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