How To Remodel with Recycled Materials

One of the best things you can do for Mother Earth is to use recycled materials in remodeling whether it be your home or office. This is an environment friendly approach to updating your space. There are a number of options and strategies when remodeling using recycled materials. Here are some of them.

  • Reuse existing materials. You don’t have to get rid of everything that exists in your current space just because you want to change how the place looks. For example, if you are remodeling your kitchen, there is no need to throw out the old cabinets. If the cabinets are still in good condition and functional, you can simply repaint it or transfer it to a different area of your kitchen. You may even be able to use it in another part of your home. Furniture can be reused or updated to give it a new look. If you are taking out old hardwood floors, turn these into furniture or decorative pieces if they are still in good condition.
  • Look for reusable items. Websites such as can be a source of recycled materials like sinks, brass fixtures, wood, and furniture. You can also look in auction sites and bidding sites on the web. Antique stores, flea markets and garage sales are also good sources for unique items that you can use in remodeling your space. Businesses like restaurants and shops that are going out of business sometimes sell their used appliances, furnishing, building materials and other items. You may find a bargain during going-out-of-business sales.
  • Go to construction sites. You can sometimes find salvageable items and materials at local construction sites. Some constructions sites may have extra lumber that they want to get rid of. They would often give these away at no cost or charge very minimal for the items. Aside from construction sites, find remodeling sites in your area. Remodeling sites often get rid of useful plumbing fixtures, vanities, cabinets and more.
  • Buy materials made from recycled items. A number of companies make building materials out of recycled materials. For example, look at the products offered by This site provides information on people and companies who provide sustainable, eco-friendly building materials. Examples of materials from recycled items are countertops made using recycled paper, tiles made from recycled glass and modular carpeting from plastic bottles.
  • Check out ReStores. The organization Habitat for Humanity runs a number of stores that they call ReStores. Restores resell items that were donated like appliances, cabinets, building materials and other supplies. If you are lucky, you can even find custom made cabinets and windows at ReStores. Bathroom items are also available like tubs, tiles, sinks and toilets.

Remodeling your space gives you a chance to become eco-friendly. You can make use of materials and other items made from recycled materials in updating the look and feel of your space. There are more sources of recycled materials than ever before. Aside from local constructions sites, remodeling sites and businesses that are about to close, you can find recycled materials online. But before you go hunting for recycled materials to use, make sure you know what you need. The materials you use should not only be eco-friendly, they should also match the design you envisioned for your space and as well as your budget.


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