How To Remove a Candle From a Mold

Do you want to make your own candles? Well, you should go on. Aside from being fun and enjoyable, it is also an inexpensive endeavor. You can eventually make some money if you decide to be serious about it. You can create decorative and scented candles. Of course, you can make your own candles more interesting and appealing by forming them well. You need a special molding in order to achieve your desired shape for your candles. However, trouble may begin when your candles are already hard. You may have to figure out some easy ways to remove them from their respective molds. The process is a lot easier said. Taking your candles from their molds can pose some challenges. Here are some suggestions and instructions for you:

  • Butter knife. Get one of your candle molds. Hold it properly. Take care of both sides. Your next goal is to loose it. So, try to pull it gently. That should separate the mold from the wax.
  • Bring down the mold. Lay it upside down. Make sure that your hand is place right under the mold. You should be able to catch your candle once it slips out of the mold.
  • Reach for your butter knife. Work it out by running it right on your mold’s edge. Be very careful here. You don’t want to cut your beautiful candle. Continue running your butter knife along your mold. That should readily separate the edges from the wax and allow you to break your candle free from your mold. Again, turn your mold upside down so you can release your candle.
  • Freezer. Allow your candle to freeze while it is still in your mold. Give it at least 15 minutes. Wait until your candle begins to shrink. Notice the change in your candle’s actual size. The shrinking should permit your candle to break away from your mold. After that, you can already turn your mold. Move it upside down. See to it that while turning the mold, you are also pulling out the edges. That should force your candle to break free from the mold as you attempt to take it out.
  • Hot water. Get a pot. Make sure that the mouth of the pot is big enough to accommodate the mold for your candle. Once you have sourced the right pot for this, fill it up with water. Proceed by boiling the water. When the water is already boiling, turn of the heat. Then, get your mold and slowly submerge it into the hot water. After a few seconds, pull the mold out of the hot water. Remember that you should only submerge the mold for a short time. So, rely on your instinct. Observe if the wax is already beginning to melt. If that happens, alert yourself to pull out your mold out of the pot. By slightly melting the wax, you can actually separate your candle from its mold. Turn over your mold and watch out for your candle as it falls out. Catch your candle. If it slips in your hand, it may be damaged. So, be cautious.

Among the three suggestions, using hot water is the most delicate. If you submerge your mold for more than two or three minutes, your candle may already lose its original shape. Bear that in mind.


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