How To Remove a Car Stereo from a Ford Fiesta

A Ford Fiesta is commonly described as a European hatchback. Although it is compact, it is generally preferred for its room interior. It is available in different models. It can have three, four, or five doors. One of its most liked features is its stereo. It is conveniently located right at the middle of the console.

Note that the built in stereo of your Ford Fiesta may have some limitations. It can allow you to listen to the radio while you are on the road. Now, if you wish to upgrade it and enjoy the advantages of having extra features, you have to get a replacement.

Understand that new features for car stereos are being introduced from time to time. Car manufacturers are prompted to infuse the latest trends and developments into their car stereos. So, if you are thinking of getting a car stereo with an MP3 player or a unit with a navigation system that is fully integrated, then, you have to learn how to properly remove your Ford Fiesta’s built in component. Here are the steps involved:

  • Check out if what you have is a sixth-generation Ford Fiesta. If it is, then, begin by getting the DIN release keys. They are important in removing your car stereo. Don’t panic. You can easily order DIN release keys from a number of auto parts centers in your locality.
  • Move your Ford Fiesta. Park it on a level ground.
  • You are ready to proceed once you have gotten the DIN release keys for your Ford Fiesta model. Continue by finding the slots on your car stereo. There are four of them. You should see two holes on each side of your car stereo.
  • Slide or insert the DIN release keys into the slots (or holes) that you found on each side of your car stereo. Note that your DIN release keys have a distinct shape. They are fashioned like a horseshoe. So, see to it that the tips or the ends, shaped like a horseshoe, are the ones aimed directly into the slots (or holes).
  • You may need to apply some pressure when you slide or insert each of your DIN release keys. When all the DIN release keys have been positioned, your car stereo is ready to be pulled out from your car’s center console. Carefully take it out towards you.
  • Realize that your car stereo is still connected some wirings. So, prepare to disconnect those wirings before you finally get to remove your car stereo. Attend to the ISO plug first. Then, next is the antenna connection. Unplug it, too. After that, check out the aerial connections. Since all the wirings are found just behind your car stereo, this final procedure should be no sweat. Your task is to simply detach all the wirings.

Place your car stereo in a safe place. Keep it in good condition. You may find an interested buyer anytime soon. Of course, your next challenge is installing your upgraded car stereo. If it is brand new, it surely comes with an instructional manual. Refer to it and strictly follow the guidelines. If it is second-hand, your seller should be able to help you.


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