How To Remove a Fuel Sending Unit

The fuel sending unit is the device that lets you know the fuel level in your car. If it breaks down, your fuel gauge will consequently give you wrong info. This is why the fuel sending unit must always be in tiptop form. And if it is causing you trouble, a replacement is called for. But before you can install a new fuel sending unit, you must first remove the malfunctioning one. Here’s how to remove it.

  • Park the car. Find a spacious place to park the car. It should be well-lit, so you can easily see and access the involved parts. Also, don’t forget to unplug the negative battery cable. It is highly dangerous to keep that cable plugged, especially if you are dealing with fuel. To further ensure your safety, make sure no one’s smoking or playing with matches or lighter in your working area.
  • Siphon the fuel out. If you take out the fuel, you are taking a lot of weight off the vehicle. It also makes the whole procedure a lot safer and easier. Find out how to manually siphon the fuel by checking your owner’s manual.
  • Elevate the vehicle. You need to raise your vehicle at the rear side, so you can gain access to the necessary parts. Best if you can use a floor jack. But if it is not available, you can instead set your rear wheels on a ramp or on an elevated part of the parking area.
  • Lay down the fuel tank. The tank is secured in place with two straps. You should unbolt these two straps to release the tank. Get the tank and set it on the ground very carefully. Disconnect the wirings. Then unclamp the tank’s inlet hose and fuel lines. While at it, you might as well clean and thoroughly check the fuel tank. Fix whatever problems you notice.
  • Open the fuel tank. Remember that the fuel sending unit is in the fuel tank. So to access it, you must uncap the fuel tank. Do this with a screwdriver. Turn it counterclockwise until the cap is released. If necessary, you can use a hammer to slightly strike the screwdriver and turn the cap much more easily.
  • Detach the fuel sending unit itself. Lift the fuel sending unit out of the fuel tank. It is usually connected to your fuel pump, so you must unscrew the fuel sending unit from it. You can easily spot the fuel sending unit because it has a rod. The rod itself has a float on one end.
  • Install the new fuel sending unit. You should attach the new fuel sending unit by reversing the removal process. All in all, removal and installation will take about two hours to complete, unless of course there are other problems that have to be fixed or you need to shop for some parts.

The procedure in this article is only a general guideline on removing a fuel sending unit. To get the specific instructions for your car model, please read your owner’s manual.


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