How To Remove a Pine Tree Stump

If you are constructing a new house or if you are trying to do some landscaping, you may want to remove the tree stumps around your lot. If you have pine tree stumps, removing them can be a little bit tricky. What makes pine tree stump removal so difficult is the fact that these trees have root systems that spread horizontally. Here’s how you can remove the tree stump.

  • Dig and cut. Removing smaller pine trees is much easier than removing larger pine trees. If you only need to remove a smaller and younger pine tree, all you need is to take your handsaw and remove as much of the trunk as possible. The smaller the stump, the easier it will be for you to remove the tree stump. After shortening the stump, take a shovel and use it to dig around the stump. Make sure that you dig around as deep as possible, so that you will be able to easily extract the pine tree stump. After digging, use a lopper to cut through the roots, and then remove the small stump.
  • Dig and chain. When you are working with larger and older pine trees, however, removal can be a little bit trickier. Because pine trees can grow to very massive sizes, you will need to spend a couple of days just digging through the edges of the pine tree. After you have finished digging, you will need to use an axe to cut through the roots. Most loppers will not be enough to cut through the thick and very strong roots of the trees. Before you start axing, however, you should get a large and thick chain and use it to wrap around the stump. Afterwards, take the ends of the chain and connect it to a car or a truck. This way, you will be able to pull away the stump after you have finished chopping through the root systems.
  • Decompose. Another method for removing large pine tree stumps is to simply decompose them. Pine tree stumps will naturally decompose by themselves, but the process can take a very long time. You can, however, hasten the process by taking a drill and boring large holes in the stump. This will make it easier for the bacteria to eat away through the core of the tree stump. Cover with weeds and dried leaves, and then add water. Finally, cover the whole thing with a black garbage bag. This will keep the heat and moisture in, which will make the tree stump decompose much faster. Keep in mind, however, that the entire decomposition process can take months.
  • Burn. Finally, you should consider burning the tree by setting leaves and twigs on top and around the tree stump. Do not use gasoline or kerosene to light the fire. Simply use dried twigs and leaves. You can use the tree stump as a campfire, after a day or two of continuous burning the tree stump should burn away completely.

With these steps, you should be able to remove a pine tree stump. The type of method that you choose will depend on how quickly you need to get the pine tree stump removed and how much effort you are willing to exert for the project.


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