How To Remove Aftermarket Window Tint and Film

Sometimes, situations arise when you want to remove the window tint and film from your vehicles. This could be because you wish to improve your visibility while you are driving. Or you want to repair a scratched and damaged window tint. Whatever the reason for removing window tint and film, there are many ways to do so. Below are several ways to remove the tint without damaging the car windows themselves. You won't have to use a razor blade to use this, as this can be risky and you can damage your windows unnecessarily. Read on to find out how you can remove window tint without using a blade.

  • Get the things that you need. You will need a portable steamer for this procedure. You can either use the ones being used to steam clothes, or use a flat iron that comes with a steamer. You also need a bottle of ammonia. You can use Simple Green cleaner that comes in a handy plastic bottle with a sprayer. You also need lots of rags or some paper towels of extra strength. If you don't want to go out and buy new rags, you may use your old shirts. Just make sure that you remove all buttons and zippers and other materials that might scratch your windows. Old cotton t-shirts work best for this. You should also get yourself a pair of tweezers or a pair of needle-nose pliers. You can probably get all these items from your local hardware store.
  • Give your car a suntan. Not literally, of course, just let it stay under the sun for a few hours. This adds a natural heat to the windows, making it easier for you to remove the window tint. It is best that you do this project while the car is out in the sun so the windows remain heated. Just make sure that you have enough ventilation while you are removing the tints from the windows. Roll down windows, and open the doors so it doesn't get too hot inside.
  • Start small. Start your project by working on the tiny side window at the back seat first. This lets you get to know the whole process of removing the film first before you proceed to bigger, more visible windows. If you do make a mistake, it won't be as noticeable as when you are working on the bigger ones.
  • Steam the panel. Once you have identified the panel you are working on, take your portable steamer and point it towards a corner of that panel. Steam the area for a few minutes, making sure that the steamer is about an inch away from the glass. The steam will loosen the edges of the adhesive that attaches the tint to the window. You will see that the corners will begin to curl up, use a pair of tweezers to pull this corner slowly upward. As the tint lifts up, you may continue steaming the film, gradually lifting it away from the window as you steam it. You will be able to do this until the film comes off in one whole piece.
  • Repeat until complete. While the sun is warming the windows, work quickly and repeat the steaming process until you have removed the tint from all the windows.
  • Remove sticky residue with ammonia. Take your ammonia solution and spray the windows sparingly. This will be effective in removing the adhesive residue from the windows. Use a soft cloth so you won't scratch the windows.

Make sure your working area is well-ventilated especially when spraying with ammonia. This will prevent you from getting suffocated or getting any respiratory ailments.


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