How To Remove an Automatic Rear Wheel Drive Transmission

If you purchase a second-hand vehicle and you wish to remove or change its transmission, you should know that you can actually do this by yourself, and you don't have to pay too much to have this done in garage shops. If you want to spend less when you remove your vehicle's transmission, follow these steps and you will have a vehicle that works according to your specifications. Thankfully, automatic rear wheel drive transmissions are easy to remove, as compared with the others, so this project won't be as difficult as you envision it to be.

  • Get the tools you need. For this project, you will need a regular set of wrenches, a regular socket set, a vehicle lubricant, a pair of heavy duty gloves, goggles, and a bucket to catch your transmission fluid. You will also need a couple of jack stands, and floor jack to lift your vehicle. Jack stands can be replaced by old wheel rims, so you won't need to purchase these if you find them too expensive. You should also get a transmission jack, a pair of needle nose pliers, a rubber mallet, some car mats and old bath mats for you to lie on, while you work underneath your car. If you don't have these tools yet in your shed, you may find them in your local hardware or automobile shop, so it won't be too difficult for you finding them.
  • Get under the vehicle. Jack up your car until there is enough room for you to crawl under. Lay down your used bath mats and get into a comfortable position under the car. Make sure that your tools can be easily reached beside you.
  • Remove the necessary parts. To be able to remove the transmission, you must first remove several parts that are in the way. These include the drive shaft, which is also known as the drive line. Be sure that your car is in neutral when you remove this. Begin removing the rear axle by taking out the 4 bolts surrounding the U-Joint. Once all bolts are removed, take out the drive shaft from the transmission. Do this carefully to prevent any accidents.
  • Remove the bolts from the transmission. There will be two bolts holding the transmission together. Take out these bolts and pull out the cross member. After this, you will encounter the bracket that is attached to the transmission. Remove this as well, but be careful when you adjust the car jacks so they don't puncture any parts of your car and that it doesn't fall over on you.
  • Remove all other parts. Once done with the transmission part, you should now locate the starter and remove this if it is bolted to the transmission's bell housing. If not, then you won't have to take it out. Remove the dust cover and the torque converter respectively.
  • Open the hood. From the hood, find the kick down link from the throttle body and take out the vacuum lines that link with the transmission. Remove the top bolts so you can remove the transmission dipstick.
  • Install the new transmission. Once you have the old transmission parts out of the way, you can now install your new transmission. It is best to have a friend with you so he can help you out with holding the parts in place while you bolt in the screws and brackets.

Be careful when you are working on your vehicle. Make sure that you wear goggles so fluid or other specks and dust will get into your eye.


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