How To Remove Calluses and Dead Skin Off Your Feet

Loving and taking care of your body does not only involve facials and body scrubs. It also involves taking care of your feet. When it comes to your feet, the most common problem is the formation of calluses and accumulation of dead skin. Calluses are formed from prolonged exposure to friction. In terms of your feet, this is most often caused by improperly fitted shoes. Overly tight shoes are a probable cause of calluses. You have to take your time in selecting and buying your footwear to get the ideal fit. Your feet also tend to accumulate dead skin cells over time. Having dead skin cells is normal. But too much of it shows negligence on your part to peel it off. When wearing sandals or heels, these things can be very unsightly to look at. Hence, the need for its removal. Not doing anything about it can lead to cracking and then possibly bleeding.

Removing calluses and dead skin on your feet is not that troublesome as it sounds. In fact, you can do this while watching your favorite television show or while you are just relaxing on the sofa. Here is how you can remove calluses and dead skin off your feet to make it soft and smooth.

  • Soak your feet in lukewarm water. If you like, you can add salts and oils or even tea to help in softening your skin. If you have the money to splurge and you really want to make your feet happy, you can buy a good foot soak. You can also go ahead and add some pebbles and start rubbing your feet on it while it is being soaked. This will help initiate the peeling off of dead skin cells. Do this for ten to fifteen minutes.
  • Apply a callus softener onto the callused parts of your feet. This is readily available in any local drug store or vanity salons.
  • Exfoliate your skin especially on the callused part. Apply foot scrub all over your feet. This will give your feet a head start in exfoliation. Then, proceed with scrubbing your feet using a damp pumice stone or a foot file. This is where you really need to concentrate on your feet so take your time in scrubbing it. Feel the rough parts using your other hand and then get crazy with the scrubbing until you feel that the rough and dry parts are smoothed out.
  • Rinse and dry your feet.
  • Apply moisturizer on your feet. Any moisturizing lotion will do or you can splurge on something that is specifically for your feet. Peppermint lotions are a favorite because of the cooling sensation it brings. You can also moisturize your legs if you want to.
  • Clean your toenails. It is not enough that you have soft and callus-free feet. Take the opportunity to give yourself a pedicure. For the ladies, you can go ahead and paint your nails too.

Your feet takes you to a lot of different places. Thank it by taking good care of it. Buy shoes that are friendly to your feet and give it a foot spa once a week. Once you make a habit out of it, you will not forget it anymore. This will prevent the formation of calluses and accumulation of dead skin for good.


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