How To Remove Dark Spots from Razor Bumps & Ingrown Hairs

Hair removal methods can remove hair even below the surface of skin. This should provide you with more flawless skin. But instead, this has given you growing hairs trapped under the skin. The trapped hairs or ingrown hairs are what you see as razor bumps. These razor bumps cause pain and irritation, which contribute to the formation of dark spots. Don’t fret because there are many ways to remove dark spots caused by razor bumps and ingrown hairs like the ones below:

  • Aloe vera oil. The aloe vera plant is known for its soothing effect on the skin. It is also a natural antibiotic, which helps for faster healing while preventing infection. Apply aloe vera oil on the dark spots at least once a day or as many times as necessary. Lotion and baby oil with high content of aloe vera are also helpful for removing the dark spots.
  • Vitamin C. Take at least 500mg of Vitamin C supplement everyday. Also consume foods that are rich in Vitamin C like oranges and tomatoes. Vitamin C is helpful in speeding up scar tissues’ healing process, which can also help remove dark spots.
  • Lemon juice. Drinking pure lemon juice everyday is another way to take in more Vitamin C for faster scar healing. But it will be more effective if the juice is directly applied on the dark spots. Lemon juice’s acidic content is a natural skin bleach. Directly apply this on the dark spots and leave it there. The juice should be absorbed by the dark spots so they’ll benefit from the juice’s bleaching power.
  • Exfoliating product. Use your preferred skin exfoliating product to lighten the dark spots. Exfoliating products come in different strength. The highest strength will result to faster peeling but could also cause more scars and more dark spots if not used properly. Lower strength exfoliating products take some time to cause peeling but are usually safer to use. Whatever product you will use is fine as long as you use it based on the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Vitamin E oil. This can be purchased in gel-type capsule. Prick the capsule and pinch it to get the Vitamin E oil. Spread the oil on the dark spots to promote faster healing. Vitamin E can also even out the skin tone while lightening the discoloration.
  • Hydroquinone. Lotions, creams, and solutions with up to 2% hydroquinone solution can be purchased without the doctor’s prescription. This is one of the most popular skin bleaching chemicals. Apply the product on the dark spots as instructed by the manufacturer. Put as little and as gentle as possible because too much of hydroquinone will result to skin burning.
  • Sunblock. Apply sunblock on the dark spots whenever you’ll be exposed under the sun. The sun’s radiation will darken the spots and might cause burning if you’re using bleaching chemicals.

Next time, shave your unwanted hair only after cleaning the area with warm water and your preferred cleaning solution. Warm water will soften the skin and hair and it will open the pores for safer shaving or waxing. This is only a simple method but this will surely prevent formation of more razor bumps and ingrown hairs that might cause more than just dark spots.


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