How To Remove Dark Spots on your Face

Covering dark spots on face is easy with a good concealer and facial foundation. But you can’t hide behind a mask forever. You need a solution that will remove the dark spots on your face for good. The good news is that there are many products out there that were specifically made to remedy your problem. The bad news is that not all these products will work to your advantage. Worse, there are products that could do more harm than good. So when trying to remove dark spots, safety should always be observed. Do not try anything yet without considering the tips below:

  • Apply vitamin E oil. Dark spots caused by new scars can be removed by Vitamin E oil. Poke one Vitamin E gel capsule and pinch it to get the Vitamin E oil. Put it on the dark spots after washing your face and applying the toner. You should be religious on applying Vitamin E oil on your face. It will take some time before you can see noticeable results. But at least, this remedy will not cause any harm on your face. Aloe Vera oil works similar and is applied the same as applying Vitamin E oil.
  • Use skin whiteners. Instead of your usual facial wash, toner and moisturizer, switch to using whitening alternatives. Whitening facial wash, toner, and moisturizer will lighten the dark spots along with lightening the entire face.
  • Apply sunblock. The sun’s radiation can give you a good tan. But it can also give you ugly dark spots on the face. Prevent any chance of worsening the problem by applying sunblock at least 30 minutes before going out. The higher the SPF content, the better. But dermatologists recommend using a sunblock with at least SPF 30.
  • Use hydroquinone product. Dermatologists can mix up to 10% of hydroquinone to beauty products. But it’s best to use a product with only up to 2% of hydroquinone solution because too much of this can cause skin burning. Use the product as instructed by the manufacturer. Also, use a hydroquinone product that has Vitamin A derivatives or retinoids like salicylic acid and glycolic acid. This works by speeding up cell regeneration for faster and more effective lightening effect.
  • Exfoliate your face regularly. Include this to your beauty regimen because exfoliating is as important as washing the face everyday. Exfoliating the face removes dead skin cells, including those of the dark spots. It also helps to reveal fresher-looking skin. Exfoliate your face at least once or twice a week using your preferred exfoliating product.

Dark spots on the face are caused by varying reasons. Some are caused by pimples while some are caused by sun burn. Solving any problem—even your dark spots—will only be successful after determining the root cause. Applying bleach on the dark spots or exfoliating your face regularly is only a remedy.

The right solution is something that will deal with the root cause of your problem. If you have dark spots because of pricking pimples, then you better stop that habit. If dark spots were caused by the sun, then better wear sunblock or reduce exposure to the sun. New dark spots will continue to form on your face if you don’t resolve the real cause of the problem.


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