How To Remove Derogatory Credit Information from Your Credit Report

Why do you think your credit score is hitting so low? Little that you may know, there can be some derogatory credit information reflecting in your report already. If this happens to you, you must make a way to remove this information off your report as soon as possible. Allowing it to stay in your credit report only means that you are allowing yourself to be rejected in several financial transactions such as getting a loan or subscribing to a service. To help you with this, check out how you can remove negative items on your credit report:

  • Obtain a copy of the credit report. This is the only way you can know what the derogatory information is in the report. You can also study and review the negative items to ensure that they are accurate information. Once you have the report, go to Negative, Collections, and then Public Records sections. This is where you will see the derogatory items affecting your report.
  • Dispute all the derogatory items that you have found in the report. There are three ways that you can file a dispute for the negative information in your report. One is through online at the website of the bureau and the other is by calling the office of the bureau. The last and often the best way to dispute is by sending through traditional mail. You will write a letter declaring the items you are disputing and the reasons you are disputing them. You can also include all supporting documents that can support your dispute.
  • Wait for 30 days the most for the bureau to resolve the issue. The FCRA or the Fair Credit Reporting Act gives bureaus 30 days the most to investigate and then correct errors in the credit reports. Wait for a written mailed result if you have disputed the derogatory information via phone or via mail. If you submitted it online, you will receive the results in your email. If there are any corrections made, the credit bureau will send you out a new credit report for you.
  • Review the results and contact the creditor for questions. If you find the results not satisfactory, you do not have to dispute it again to the bureau. Take note that their only job is to verify the information. Hence, if there are still some errors in the records, you must make the necessary requests for corrections from the source.
  • Explain the derogatory items in the report while waiting for the results. The FCRA allows you to submit and add a statement of not more than a hundred words in the report to explain the negative items showing in the credit report. Submit the statement in writing to the bureau. The statement will be displayed in your report until you request the bureau to remove it. This is a great way for you to clear your credit score while you are on the process of clearing out the derogatory items.

The process of removing derogatory information from a credit report is not easy. However, all your efforts will be paid off once you have a clean credit score to start with. Take note that there are credit repair companies that can lure you to hire them to help you in this situation. However, be very careful for there are a lot of scams related to this kind of service.


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