How To Remove Eyebrow Hair

Bushy eyebrows do not fit everyone but a thin line won’t work either. Your eyebrows highlight your eyes so the way it’s shaped should be perfectly attractive. It’s a good thing that in this day and age, removing eyebrow hair is as easy as looking into the mirror.

Here are suggestions on removing eyebrow hair.

  • Have a professional perform the eyebrow removal first. If this is your first time to have your eyebrows shaped, do not attempt it by yourself. You must first have this done by a professional. Make an appointment with your favorite salon for a consultation. The salon technician or specialist assigned to you will study your bone structure and then explain that you have two choices: waxing or threading.
  • Waxing and threading defined. Let us begin with waxing. Waxing is a process by which heated wax is applied on a portion of the eyebrows, then, a strip of waxing paper is placed on the wax. After a few seconds, the wax is stripped off along with a thick strip of hair or at least the amount of hair that is needed to be stripped off to shape your eyebrows. After the waxing session, you can expect the hair to grow back after six weeks. Threading on the other hand involves a long piece of string that is twisted together and applied on the eyebrows to pull out eyebrow hair shaping it in the process. Threading will keep your eyebrows looking great for four weeks. Both will be uncomfortable at first but waxing is faster than threading. Discuss your options and then decide which one works for you.
  • Buy the following. When your salon schedule is done, you are basically on your own in between waxing or threading appointments. This is actually the easy part because now you see how your eyebrows are supposed to be shaped post-procedure. When stray hairs appear, you will need the aid of the following tools: tweezers, petroleum jelly, and a mirror. You also have the option of using a brow pencil as filler if your eyebrows need filling.
  • Apply a thin application of petroleum jelly on your brow line. This will lessen the sting of hair removal. Wipe off excess oil from the petroleum jelly.
  • Pick a bright place for this. Natural lighting is the best spot for this because it will give you the brightness that you need to see stray hairs on your eyebrows.
  • Start tweezing stray hairs. You have to remember that you have to tweeze one stray hair at a time. Also apply the tweezers carefully on your eyebrows so that you won’t accidentally pinch the delicate folds of the skin on your eyebrows. This is a major “ouch!” moment and one that you want to avoid.
  • Move carefully. There is a tendency to over pluck your eyebrows so move carefully and solicitously. Occasionally stop and glance at the mirror to see if you’re doing it correctly.
  • Complete the task with a flourish. Fill in your eyebrows with your favorite eyebrow pencil and you are done!

When you are satisfied with the results, disinfect your tweezers with alcohol before placing it back in its case. Now you know what to do in between salon appointments.


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