How To Remove Eyebrow Tint

It is a standard practice to tint the eyebrows according to the color of your hair. If you are used to coloring your hair at home as most women do, then you must also have done the same to your eyebrows. The problem is that this time, you have overdone it and find two very dark eyebrows that look horrendous to you. Well, you certainly cannot go out and party looking like that! But hope is not lost. You can remove eyebrow tint in these ways.

  • Purchase or stock up on the following. You will need lemon juice, Q-tips, hair dryer, mirror, sun exposure, a lightening facial scrub with micro-beads, and a kit of hair bleach.
  • Prepare to begin the lightening session. The first step that you need to do is cut a lemon in half and squeeze the juice out into a small cup. Throw the pits and seeds out. Then facing a mirror, dip a Q-tip into the cup and apply the lemon juice on both eyebrows. Be careful not to let it drip into your eyes. Use just enough to cover your eyebrows.
  • Turn on your hairdryer. Use the concentrated blast of air on your eyebrows. This will help the lemon juice adhere and dry completely on your eyebrows. Leave the lemon juice on for an hour to do its job of lightening your eyebrows and lessening the effects of the tint before rinsing off the juice. Mind you, this won’t come off with just one session. You have to do this repeatedly before you can see visible results. Another way of setting the lemon juice on your eyebrows would be to come out into the sunshine and get some rays on your skin. Do this when it’s safe to soak in the sun. The rays of the sun will help in the lightening process.
  • Proceed to another option. If the natural way of lightening your eyebrows won’t do, you can resort to a home-bleaching kit. This is one of the safer ways to lighten the tint on your eyebrows if you know how to choose a brand that you can trust. Before paying for it, you must be able to read the label to know if there are chemicals in the ingredients that could potentially harm your skin. If you can’t understand the ingredients, this is not a good sign. Go for a bleaching kit made from all-natural and bio-degradable ingredients. Additionally, pick the one that has not been tested on animals. When you get home, simply follow the instructions on the package. Again, this won’t be solved in one application. You might need repeated applications to completely remove the tint from your eyebrows.
  • Wash your face and eyebrows with a lightening facial scrub with micro-beads. Just follow your morning and evening face-cleansing ritual. The lightening ingredient and the micro-beads will work on lightening the tint as it lightens facial spots as well. See, you are hitting two birds with one stone!

By subscribing to natural or over-the-counter lightening or bleaching methods, you’ll see the results of your effort over a short period of time. Just be patient and soon your eyebrows won’t scare you and other people anymore.


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