How To Remove Facial Hair Permanently

Hair there and everywhere! It’s amazing how fast hair grows back on a person’s face, isn’t it? You shave now, and that shadow is back in no time at all! Pluck or tweeze here and there as a stop gap only. And what about those scheduled waxing and threading trips to the salon, huh? Can you imagine subjecting yourself to these hair-removing rituals over and over and over again? Well, enough hair pulling already! Now you have the option of removing facial hair permanently!

  • Laser. This type of permanent hair removal is the most popular go-to solution to ban unwanted hair from growing back. Here’s what you need to know about laser treatment as a form of permanent hair removal.
    • Phases of hair growth. The growth of facial hair happens in different phases: growth stage, in-between or resting stage, and shedding phase. Each hair follicle experiences different phases of hair growth. This is the very reason why laser takes many sessions, in many cases, up to four sessions to finally arrest hair growth.
    • The process involved. Laser treatment happen this way: A laser machine sends out laser blasts that are controlled by a handheld device. The controlled blasts of laser target the hair follicles breaking down its capacity to grow. Hair follicles respond to the treatment when hair begins to shed or fall out two weeks after the initial laser treatment.
    • Advantages and benefits of laser treatment. Studies show that multiple laser treatments result to up no 80% non-hair growth and those that do grow back, grow fine and hardly noticeable with the naked eye. You also do not need to look “furry” in the face before you can get a laser treatment. In fact, you can show up with no unwanted hair visibly growing on your face. Remember that laser does not target your visible hair but your hair follicles. Lastly, this is an elective procedure that does not require a lot of “sit still” time per session. Fifteen minutes to half an hour for facial hair removal is longest per session.
    • Disadvantages of laser treatment. This will not be easy on the pocket. Each session costs anywhere from $200 to $900 depending on the gravity of the hair growth – this won’t be as easy to spend for to begin with because you will go back more than once to solve the problem. Another thing is the level of discomfort involved in the process. The “ouch!” factor will be present but when it comes to beauty, you know very well: No pain, no gain!”
  • Electrolysis. This is another option available to you for removing unwanted facial hair.
    • The process involved. A specialized salon technician uses an electrolysis machine with a controlled device attached to a needle that goes deep into the skin to literally electrocute each hair follicle. Since each hair follicle has to be subjected to electrolysis, each session will take 30 minutes maximum depending on the area of the face that is being subjected to the process. It will take 30 sessions to complete the entire program although in some cases, 15 sessions are enough to curtail hair growth.
    •  Advantages and benefits of electrolysis. This is more affordable than going for a laser treatment. Each session costs $45.00. Compared to a laser treatment, electrolysis has a 100% success rate in treatments even for fair-haired people. This is also FDA-approved for safety, again when compared with a laser treatment.
    • Disadvantages of electrolysis treatment. You might have to up your pain threshold if you opt for electrolysis. The pricking sensation is real and each hair follicle will be processed so this translates to repeated needle-work on your skin. The 30-session per program required can also cause a prohibition in your budget – better discuss how long this program will take with your dermatologist.

Those are two of the best option to pursue when it comes to removing facial hair permanently!     


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