How To Remove Fingerprints from Woodwork

The use of wood for furniture has been considered traditional for log cabins as they create a homey look; however, wood is becoming evident in modern furniture.  Woodwork, when used properly, can be added even to modern homes.  Wood furniture looks good when it’s all shiny and clean.  Woodwork can also withstand wear and tear longer than other furniture.  When compared with furniture made out of fabric or metal, wood can be difficult to maintain as any fingerprint or dust is evident. 

If you decide to use wood for your furniture, or even as a decoration, you need to devote time in cleaning the wood to avoid accumulation of dust and fingerprints.  The easiest way to remove fingerprints from woodwork is to immediately wipe them clean.  By not allowing the fingerprints to stay on the woodwork, you are saving yourself from having a hard time in wiping them off.

Immediately wiping fingerprints away seems a good choice when you are all alone and you strictly monitor your woodwork.  However, you can’t keep away guests and children from touching your furniture.  As such, wiping may seem rude or impolite in front of your guests.  

Once your guests leave, start cleaning up.  Try wiping away fingerprints using a soft cloth.  If the fingerprints stay stubborn, try using your wood polisher.  Wood polishers can be purchased in big supermarkets or some furniture store.  Follow the instruction that came along with the package.  It’s highly recommended that you keep a bottle of wood polisher in your house so you can use it when you need it.  

If you do not have a wood polisher or the fingerprints won’t go away, try mixing your own cleaning solution.  To make a wood cleaning solution, you will need a cup of mineral oil, a teaspoon of lemon extract and some cornstarch.  

In a small cup or container, mix lemon extract with the mineral oil.  Opt to use an old bottle so that you can store the mixture leftover once you’re done with the cleaning.  Dampen a soft cloth with a few drops of the lemon oil mixture.  Use a cloth that is specially manufactured for wood furniture.  Make sure that you do not use any rough-surfaced cloth to avoid unnecessary abrasions against your furniture  

Rub the cloth against the area where the fingerprints are evident.  Use a circular motion in rubbing the fingerprints.  Pour some cornstarch on the woodwork.  Allow the cornstarch to sit for a while, and let the cornstarch absorb the oil that you used to clean the area.  Once you’ve waited enough, use a soft dry cloth to buff the area.  Make sure you buff in gentle motion.  Check to see if the fingerprints are now gone.  If any print is still evident, repeat the process until it’s gone.

Store the remainder of the lemon mixture in a dry place with room temperature.  You can use this mixture even after a while, as it will not expire.  To save yourself from difficult wiping, make it habit to wipe the furniture as often as you can.  By regularly wiping the woodwork, you can maintain it’s shiny and clean look. 


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