How To Remove Freckles

Freckles are skin pigmentations that naturally occur. These can be red, light brown or dark brown. Anyone can have them but it is most obvious on people with fair skin. Freckles can also increase as you age. Mostly, they are due to exposure to the sun. Most freckles can be seen on skin exposed to the sun like the face, neck and arms. They are also most prominent after long exposure to sun. Sometimes freckles are charming, but sometimes having too much can be bothersome. Here are ways you can remove them or at least lessen them.

  • Take proper care of your skin. Exfoliate at least twice a week and use mild facial wash daily. A facial toner and moisturizer will also help. Certain face masks used regularly can also do the trick of minimizing the appearance of freckles.
  • Drink plenty of juices high in vitamin C. Include orange, lime and grapes in your diet. Vitamin C can be directly applied to your skin using lemon juice, but it works wonders if Vitamin C is already within your system. Healthy eating will give you healthier skin. Broccoli and tomatoes are also good for your skin.
  • Try natural home remedies. Natural remedies do not have side effects and are usually safe. Use sour cream as a face mask and let it stay a while before you wipe it off with a soft towel. Fruit based face masks can also be mixed in your home like cucumbers, red currant, strawberries and apricots. Instead of using facial wash, use freshly squeezed lemon juice. Sour milk can also be used. Lemon juice naturally bleaches your skin and sour milk promotes natural skin peeling without any risk of skin irritation. Rinse with warm water and always apply a moisturizer afterward.
  • Consult a dermatologist. If you are not happy with the results of home remedies and really want your freckles removed, seek professional advice. Inform your dermatologist if you are taking other medications or if you are pregnant. Inform her also of your lifestyle. She may encourage you to limit sun exposure and you may consider switching jobs if you are often under the sun. More importantly, your dermatologist can verify if certain freckles are harmful for your health.
  • Use topical products such as bleaching agents and skin whitening lotions. These are readily available in the health and beauty section of your local pharmacy or grocery. Read the label and the contents. Follow the instructions as stated. However, it is still important to consult with your dermatologist. Your friends may use the same product and recommend it to you, but you may not have the same effect on your skin. Chemical peel products can be bought over the counter or you may have it done in the clinic of your dermatologist.
  • Consider laser treatments or Intense Pulse Light Therapy IPL. Laser technology has developed to address even the smallest freckles for removal. One of the newer methods is the IPL, which your dermatologist may also recommend. It can be costly and may require more than one session. Also, you will have to go through a recovery period by staying indoors for several days. Your skin will be most sensitive after each session. If you are serious about getting rid of your freckles, schedule laser treatments with your dermatologist.

Avoiding freckles or minimizing them can be done if you avoid sunlight and too much sun exposure. Always use a sunscreen when you leave the house. Wear a hat and sunglasses or bring an umbrella.


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