How To Remove Malware: Uninstall Cursor Mania & Comet Cursor Adware

Are you sick and tired of the usual cursors that you use whenever you work on your computer? Having the desire to change your cursors into something else is not a bad thing. But then again, having a cursor for your mouse pointer that triggers harm to the system of your computer is something else. If this is the case, then you must be very careful on removing malware especially because these are dangerous software that can penetrate into your computer.

Have you recently installed Cursor Mania? How about Comet Cursor? Perhaps, you have been attracted to the thousands of free cursors that you can use for your computer. Who could actually say no to free cursors that are pleasant to look at and use? Despite the benefits of these plugins, many computer users complain about the effect of the cursors from the two plugins.

Most of the time, computers that have installed Cursor Mania and Comet Cursor have slower performance. Many claim that Cursor Mania and Comet Cursor are malware. By and large, malware refer to malicious software that track your browsing habit, private information, and harm your computer. Learning how to remove malware and uninstall Cursor Mania and Comet Cursor adware will surely make your computer run faster.

  • Uninstalling Cursor Mania. Go to the Control Panel, either through the Start menu or by typing in Control Panel on the address bar of a window. When you reach Control Panel, select Add/Remove Programs. This is where you are going to uninstall Cursor Mania. Among the list of programs that are installed on your computer, locate “My Web Search (Cursor Mania), and then click Change/Remove in order to uninstall Cursor Mania.

    There may also be other items that are related to Fun Web Products. These include My Way Speedbar, My Web Search, and Search Assistant – My Way. Uninstall these items because they can slow down your computer significantly.

    You can download a program that can scan the entries on your registry and fix any errors. Make sure that what you are going to download has a built reputation when it comes to registry fixing. Reading testimonials and reviews over the internet is the trick on ending up with the right program. Scan your registry entries with the program. Delete any other traces of Fun Web Products and My Web Search.

  • Uninstalling Comet Cursor. Comet Cursor is an online program that you can have on your computer to change the appearance of the cursor of your mouse. This program includes Fun Cursors and Smart Cursors. You can uninstall Comet Cursor by means of going to uninstalling Comet Cursor on the Add/Remove Programs tool of the Control Panel. Just follow the instructions for removing Cursor Mania.

Once you are done uninstalling Cursor Mania and Comet Cursor, do not stop from there. It is best to keep your computer secured by having an anti-virus software and a specially-designed program that combats adware. Always be a responsible internet user to avoid having adware on your computer.


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