How To Remove Mildew Odors from a Car

Is there a nasty smell that makes you feel disgusted whenever you use your car? In case you have not noticed, this may be an odor caused by the mildew on your car. The smell is something that can make you feel disappointed especially if you do not know what to do to remove it. In spite of everything, you have to accept the fact that this is just one part of the whole experience.

If it is not now that you will be annoyed by the mildew odors, then there will still come a time when you will become irritated. Regardless of whether or not you have already experienced having mildew odors on your car, it is ideal to know how to remove mildew odors from a car. Here are some tips that you may apply.

  • The very first thing you must do is to look for the starting place of the bad smell. Since the source can be anywhere, the determination to know where the odor is coming from is something of utmost importance. Check every part and accessory of the car including the vents for the air conditioner, the upholstery, and the rugs. There may either be indications of moisture or actual mold forming.
  • Once you have discovered the source of the bad smell, prepare a towel, disinfectant, and hair dryer. Douse the towel with the disinfectant and soak the concerned area. You can use the hair dryer to quicken the drying process. Remember to dry the area as thoroughly as possible.
  • If the source of the mildew odor is the upholstery, use baking soda by scattering a good amount of it to the upholstery including the floor. Moreover, spread out the baking soda to the rugs with the use of your hands. On the other hand, if the floor mats appear to be the source of the bad smell, do not hesitate on removing the mats from the floor. Let the floor mats dry out in the sun. Subsequently, vacuum the floor mats to ensure its sanitation. If the mildew odors persist in the next few days, you can opt to replace the floor mats particularly because they are very easy to find.
  • When it comes to cleaning your air conditioner vents, use a cotton swab moistened with a regular window cleaner. If it looks like the smell still remains in the air conditioner vents, leave all of the windows of the car open and run the heater to aid on the drying out process.
  • For you to avoid any further instance of mildew odors on your car, it is best to open all of the windows of your cars during hot days in order to let the air inside out and the interior to be refreshed.

There may be more problems that you can no longer attend to. If you cannot locate the source of the odor to begin with, you have option to go to a professional car cleaner in order to have further assistance with regards to this matter.


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