How To Remove Permanent Black Hair Dye

So you dyed your own hair because you wanted to look like Angelina Jolie. However, a bad black hair dye job can make you look like the Elvira or a bad Goth character instead of getting long sable locks like Cleopatra. If you have permanent black hair dye on your hair and you need to remove it right away, there are a few options available to you.

  • Wash your hair immediately. As soon as you see your bad black hair dye job, wash your hair. Although the hair color won’t dramatically change right after, it may make it easier to remove the chemicals from your product. At the very least, washing your hair frequently will help fade the color faster. Use a mild yet clarifying shampoo when you do this.
  • Use Color Zap. This is a product manufactured by the cosmetic company L’Oreal. Read the package instructions and follow it to the letter if you want to remove the permanent black hair dye from your locks. In fact, it’s a good idea to have a box of this product in your home when you are color treating your hair yourself so you don’t need to run out to the drugstore when you are in need. The sooner you use the product, the easier it will be to remove the dye from your hair.
  • Use detergent. Powder laundry detergent can help wash off black hair dye. Wet your hair. Instead of using shampoo, dissolve a scoop of the detergent in a small container or water and use that to shampoo your hair. Get a good lather going. However, make sure that the detergent you use doesn’t contain any bleach since it may cause a chemical reaction with the dye in your hair leaving weird colors on your hair strands. If you want something milder, you can use Dawn Dishwashing liquid soap. Use it as you would use shampoo. Lather up your hair properly and rinse well with warm water. Use a good moisturizing conditioner after because your hair will feel dry and stiff after.
  • Take it to a salon. If you need to dye your hair a different color to hide the black hair dye, you should take yourself to a reputable salon and let the experts handle your hair. Your hair can only handle so much chemical processing and using peroxide and bleach and other colorants are highly drying and damaging to the hair follicle. Rather than making another mistake and putting your hair at risk, go to the salon and explain your situation so the stylist can remedy it right away.

The next time you decide to change your hair color, avoid making such a drastic change yourself. If you want to do your own hair, don’t go lighter or darker more than two to three shades different from your natural hair color. Other than that, leave the major makeover to the professionals. In the meantime, condition your hair regularly to protect it from the damaging effects of too much chemicals and products in the hair.


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